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Thread: The Best Of Sean Price Aka Ruck

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    Default The Best Of Sean Price Aka Ruck CD/PLAYLIST FOR MP3 PLAYER

    Yo If You Wanted To Make A Best Of Cd Featuring Sean P!!!!!!!!!!! What Tracks Would You Put
    Here's What I Got So Far:

    In No Order:

    Like You

    Hot 97 Freestyle (pt 1,2,3)

    The Brokest Rapper You Know

    Onion Head Remix Verse

    5th Chamber Verse

    Still Grimy Verse

    Boom Bye Yeah

    Peep My Words

    Onion Head

    Gunz Verse

    Intro (jesus Price)

    Sean Wigginz

    Sean Price



    Frarienheit Verse

    Slap Boxings

    Loose Cannon Verse (featuring Doujah Raze)

    Don't Say Shit
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