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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Off the bar so I’m a serve you the whole bar
    Put down you subpar can’t even get it lawdddd
    Mines a board gotta beam me to the mothership
    I’m a barbarian making you subterranean
    You ain’t got the terraforming
    I’m the krypton world destroyer
    Aboard ya ship we execute the captain
    Pole position know wisdom post a seismic
    Ironic how we emcees beef it up
    Y’all gracing screen based beans
    Mason out screens asking for regimes
    Know platoons master goons pasteurize
    Out cha on the premeditates I educate you
    Take the friendly skies like pan am before the fanfare
    meet me where the Phoenix rise
    I do it by hand like lawn care
    I am the software of the year
    Hardware interpret the kicks and snares
    Pitch heat with dragons at the gates
    We got foxes, wolves and bears mutations
    Ill with creations doctor mind bender
    Homes hindering what negates nature
    Gravity cracks glass know my past so fast
    Bare fruit boldly these Jameson so I drink alone
    Thrown caps mold wax in your ears

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    Out of luck stuck like cars out of gasoline, blast a beam shooting star fiends
    Break doors Jim Morrison lighting fires born to win
    Slim no Jim but snap into your frame blame the fradulent
    Frauds you sent to be sacrificed
    Like lamb chops shots from out the van pop death
    Lock it down Lockness monster effects vets of this rap world
    Soon we'll play shoot to kill

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