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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Tender age shelters, toddlers taken at borders
    Justice officials turned my mind state to pure evil
    Military mercenary, hostile penitentiary mentality
    Brain diseased, lyrically sick as gay rappers with HIV
    Ill dialect as nasty as varicose veins on large breasts
    Protagonist of friction, shotgun ammunition diction
    Beretta temperament still as ballistic as North Korea
    Tar quotes, pen ink is heroin that’s why bars are dope
    Vulturous verses dangerous as Iran’s stealthy services
    Sledgehammer vernacular how cyphers get shattered
    I’m quick to set off like detonators of suicide bombers
    Leave Mitch blood green on mic Tyson massacre scene
    Apocalyptic panoramas when hollow tips of biscuit hits
    Slug spray as fatal as the one that touched Marvin Gaye
    Truth is extremely ugly that’s why I look like Rocky Dennis
    King James is too much of a coward to witness this menace

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    Living life like I was just born
    Ram the track wet you pussies call the track porn Viking on your front lawn ruegar out your face is just gone evil minded like Stephen King
    Gun I bring will crush cons
    Car broken down so the bus I eat lunch on murderous days we living in give you bars like three musketeers plus more drama than a raid you roaches still running though from nighttime until the sun will show fuck a keef I'm the chief
    Hold down my fleet since I bailed out the beasts belly call you rappers KY cause we know your flows jelly

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    Pop ya off my tape bathe with apes
    Snakes get takes wakes lakes in with fakes
    Aches ya pains take lames cut off their brain
    Mostly tame with grains aim in lay low
    Slay cold flame thrown off the cliff
    Dip shit spit quick flip these gimmicks
    Leave you limited go in on em
    Fan ya self allís ya doing creating more heat

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    Iím super friends right legion of doom unite
    Blowing up tectonic plates
    Check acme incorporated for rebates to seagate
    Like Cage ya page mask hero laying down dark law
    Hash no tags flick the cameras
    Doing damage earthquake beats
    I know ya tech is analog
    Iím digital when itís critically acclaimed
    Third version flames emerge out the cage
    Ya know I donít ducks religion
    Iím not about to be brain washed and controlled
    Crane Jane pains me to say
    But live by the way
    Thereís only the way
    Donít got nothing to say
    I spit and spray with flows
    go off like swords chopping ya limbs off
    You know I donít diminish like lights on stage
    So beware of three emcees
    When you hear the lord of chaos coming
    Donít fare the beat clear clairvoyant
    See how I throw out flavors
    Call it a lifesaver
    Donít ask me nada, Nathan
    Eat emcees on the regular
    So you stiil spitting bars on ya cellular
    Da fuck outta here with cha lame asses
    Signed sincerely sheep lord

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    Wicked heart, dark thoughts in my homicidal darts
    Virtuous intentions rejected, evil misdeeds accepted
    Titanic icebergs in veins that’s why I’m cold-blooded
    Diabolical plots how I slap box with rogue cops’ glocks
    All day gunplay like road rage on gridlock freeways of L.A.
    Gat Madden fat, don’t play games when I blast like David Katz
    I settle all beefs like slaughterhouse employees, flames of fury
    Douse competition, street mortician how I embalm opposition
    Hitman in Teflon body armor, Ghost Dog fingerprints on burners
    Malicious murders manifested by enemies covered in gunpowder
    Revolver splatters cerebellum grey matter across morgue corridors
    Inhumanely mutilate, improvised explosive strapped to chest plates
    Carrie White menstrual bloodbaths when foes get severed in halves
    Spinal cords with open sores, dismembered corpses washed ashore
    Demonic fallen angels, abominable chronicles of biblical spectacles
    Machete opera left archrivals Alonzo mourning for weeks like orcas

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