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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Heartless like Koreans slaughtering canine's for meal's
    Racism is real segregated our will
    Still testing a pro buy land no investment in hoes
    Scuba diver flow deeper than Madonna's vagina..whoa
    Hold that thought like loose change
    In a bums cup I get retarded but don't call it dumb luck
    Broke niggas need money like R. Kelly needed a young fuck
    A vet who's well seasoned picking up what remains on a dump truck
    Well known like rogue cops in Harlem
    I trot the globe and bust loads on bitches with big tits like Dolly Parton
    Pardon my resume reside where killer's stay Parkland parkway
    Deadly like the shots that hit Ricky while he was running in the alley

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    Mentally deep like Rodman in Madonna’s punani
    Mexican Webster dictionary, underground emcee
    Lyrically DESI telescope how I’ll map universe in 3-D
    Dereliction of duty, Israeli embassy explosives deadly
    Mace greased, fired teargas of rogue riot police
    Cock back precedes the squeeze, slugs released
    Jack the Ripper organ digger, livers simmer
    Edward James Olmos when I stand and deliver
    Montoya Santana American me, penitentiary sanity
    Heads split to lessen prison count slips, arterial drips
    Camel clutch Iron Sheik till he’s Conrad Murray dead asleep
    Middle Eastern neckties, harmonized decapitation cries
    Unreasonable cavity searches, obstruction of justices
    Anthony Curtis dead president impeachable offenses
    Murder witness then expunge with John Kruger’s eraser
    Plasma not Boeing 767 jet fuel floods World Trade Center

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    Prosecution pro execution thoughts black roots deep my crew's rooting
    Beatdown solution my belt loosened
    Skin's tore off to the bloody bone
    Big rapper's die juicing can't impress the bimbo innovate my info spin slow
    Sin City showdown suspenful
    Go to war a warrior avenge show
    Shower darts to break ark's to parks
    Til death do me part last beat of my heart youth's advised parential discretion
    Shogun chopping session ice cold obsession
    Block em like indigestion rappers losing their manhood's in the house of corrections
    To come out feminine obsessed like Nick Cannon is with Eminem
    Google my trend bizzare buzzard bars from a hip hop baritone breaking hyms
    When the clock strikes twelve it's instant hell like being hung from a tree while a devil decapitates your testi-cles
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    Cardiac arrest cannon size of Nick’s ex breasts
    Beretta thru larynx so you’ll carey notes of Mariah
    Willie Nelson high, tongues tied mute battle cries
    Molten propulsion, tribulation due to mass confusion
    Transgression obsessions, guilty by Satan association
    Bugsy Siegel when I flex mob muscle, shells out muzzles
    Organic matter decay by the spray of my Mikhail AK
    Hell hot slugs scorch like White Island lava rocks
    Kodiak hunter artillery as heavy as manhole covers
    Sniper fire, cruel brutality of Escobar’s cocaine empire
    Imminent threats, destructive effects of large-caliber bullets
    Vicious poisonous thesis so crime rate increases
    Sammy Gravano bulls turned FBI stoolpigeon snitches
    Shotgun fragments will separate real from fraudulent
    Confidential informants, Frank Costello sullied rodents
    Tyson hurtful intent how I ferociously decimate opponents

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    Easier said than done bums murder for crumbs
    Liver damage come from whiskey fifths of rum
    No tips for bartenders me losing that's like eighty degree's in December in New York
    Failure for your kidnies make a kid bleed never
    Winter beatdown weather Brand Nubian in leather
    No chain choker had to borrow from a broker
    Weed smoker since eleven high to heaven no regrets or respect for the reverand
    Begging for life dying fighting for peace living taking what's giving
    Sending hits like Gambino bosses
    Overlord enforcing til I'm forced in the coffin
    Acknowledge knowledge infinite swordsman
    Members left swollen with cancer in their Colon's
    After I hit the weed bowl I'm bowling
    Rappers Knocked over in tens like sets of pins
    I humidify pay homage guy or get damaged within when I defend
    The perimeter is circled it's Oblivion where I'm living
    Talking about their hitters and shooter's they couldn't hit a piegon
    Have some other cat eat this turkey cause I never celebrated Thanksgiving
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    Rangeless shooter like Ray Allen with Lugers
    Dr. Banner anger makes me load burner chamber faster
    I’m Einstein with Tec nine when trajectories I define
    Deadly artillery, bloodthirsty in me mastered archery
    Sinister features of Jim Jones pulpit preachers
    ISIS incitement, Pablo Escobar lieutenant violent
    Temperament maniacal like Django unshackled
    Formidable power pistols with terminal handles
    Shots from handguns as frequent as alarm clocks
    Debilitated physical injuries, salacious sceneries
    Coke fiends murder scenes, bloodstream obscene
    I use needles to disfigure mugs not administer drugs
    Gruesome countenance craters of lunar surfaces
    Loved ones grieve right after boomerangs heaved
    LeBron kings turned peasants, bereavement elements
    Future martyrs kept alive by hospice incubators

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    Chickens get fried in Kentucky I'm blood thirstier than Chucky
    Stabbing your shoulder blade for trying to barricade while I invade
    Wounds in need of first aid until it's critical for being doused with chemical's
    Fumes for your funeral all actual
    Facts for you to scroll frozen like sleeping on a bench below zero
    My cock gets candle blown by fine Asian dime
    live no life of crime but the God has a trife design
    Diesel spine no nine for shootouts the shotguns Halle Berry fine
    Lives ended from clips extended
    Bloody sign the town's painted red
    Militia lead to capture Feds
    Sentencing federal racketeering
    I'm too def for hearing killer's end is nearing
    I'm power steering through crowd's of near men fleeing homicides
    Trench coat on pigs come my arms inside
    Armor in the ride keeps the chest bulletproof
    Turn the block to Beruit respond react like the Root's

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    Back after the commercial with a controversial conversation
    Third party hearty to the core gore inspiration
    Reintroduction of abduction on war and drugs we malfunction from consumption
    It's self taught destruction make no assumption so many saying nothing
    Instead busting it's life reduction
    Man's his own enemy due to negative energy and a lack of integrity
    Stay gritty like a drugged city to many to name as sit as a Prince on my throne as the sky cries Purple Rain
    It's not a game console but nourishment for the soul enemies lose control

  9. #1884


    We can't last the struggles vast
    We toggle with tasks
    Removed the mask sound clash so hot melts mics to ash
    Mash for bags with unlimited cash
    Gun in the stash stashed drunk driver's that won't crash
    Entitled to lead entities trotter of the century most bow eventually
    With crossed hands we conquer lost lands
    Feet in hot sand but no man can master my plan
    Of execution unless there's retribution countless contribution
    Fuck society loudly never silently
    Penetrated all eyes on me with silent heat

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    I’ll paint town blood red like High Plains Drifter
    Prepotent stranger with extremely itchy trigger fingers
    Fiery llama quick to confront Stacey Bridges drama
    Alejandro Sosa outlaw to Bolivia, bucolic panoramas
    Lawless stretch of Mexican sierras, cartel-controlled areas
    Force-fed trauma in a land rife with infinite vendettas
    Almighty artillery ability of Napoleon's grand armies
    Banana clips feed the biscuit, high-capacity automatic
    Volatile senses susceptible to criminal influences
    I’m liable to aim a rifle after I perused Holy Bible
    Dirty Harry fatal pistol barrels maneuvers tactical
    Che Guevara guerrilla warfare acts of defiance
    Non-peace treaty war-torn misery, urban fury
    I pose risk to all life on earth like insect apocalypse
    Blast zones, serpentine spines’ broken back bones
    Anguished moans end up in graves with no headstones

  11. #1886


    Take a look at a crooked eye crook
    Blessed to blossom by the willows where the slave bodies hung from the trees and violently shook
    As we escaped on horse's armed with shotguns, and torches
    Know it's half baked bitches, Mansions, and sky blue Porsche's
    Gold grills, niggas in dresses gaining Satan's exceptance
    To be recycled trash artists forgotten and neglected
    Shit is hectic like rush hour in New York
    All that gun talk is bark and fictious thought
    Fuck what u bought and how many weeks your wack ass album charts
    As number one nigga you done
    Advance was only three hundred thousand
    Makes u wanna go to the label with hoods and guns a no win situation
    Dropped from your label there goes your bitch sucking off the next rapper with a hit
    Your new house auctioned for much less than what u paid for it
    Going broke cause street hitters hit you with street taxes
    Nobody's buying your new album promotion weak u feel like a hopeless bastard
    Plus you don't even own your Masters or publishing
    Up against the ropes to tired to swing
    So u try publicity stunts for attention but still ain't mentioned
    Homies who had your back call u wack and plot to get u wacked
    Baby mother u married divorced u for a considerable amount of stacks
    Your out of options u do a few features but the prices are low
    U roll with the blow's but lack substance in your flows
    Coming out of your pocket again when cats got shot up at your show's
    You've had enough but still haven't given up
    Depressed to death popping Molly with lean in your cup soon to self destruct and noone gives a fuck your all alone broke but everybody rolled when u were living it up
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    I’ll take it to the max like Kellerman when I impale Molly
    Porn movie how in first take I’ll tear that Albanian pussy
    Go on Jalen & Jacoby to prove I’m wolverine bloodthirsty
    Bitch Rose will get dunked like Derrick on Goran Dragic
    Horror visuals of Jeffrey Dahmer’s home tour operators
    Cranial eggs beaten like omelets, violent impact of comets
    Skeletal structures punctured, Tyson ravenous vulture
    Punches rupture organs while you make woman gestures
    I’m Walter White in the lab, bones will be breakin’ bad
    Nerve damage of shattered spines, paralyzed minds
    Slugs biopsies, ozone layer holes thru faggots Versace
    Cemetery plot cavernous lesions not healed properly
    Porcupine quills spear grills, nostrils plasma spills
    I’d rather kill than maim so I won’t pay your hospital bill
    Paramedic mentality how I pump chests with semi-automatics
    Lifespan drained while platinum chains still cling to your remains

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