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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    If Sheep reps you know I got next like KRS
    I bear arms as thick as brown Kodiak necks
    Covert landmine with pen, all states mayhem
    Mental slum, Alcatraz psyche fiendin’ for freedom
    I told prison priest that I’m only at peace when I’m killin’
    Slaughterhouse no one wanna step in not even Joe Budden
    Only competition is the replication of my reflection
    Heartless darkness, solar flashes of neural diseases
    Ceaseless coughs of bronchitis due to fumigation gases
    Reckless senses prosper in mouth of virtuous madness
    Unruly mentality as deadly as the future of a Kennedy
    Big screen violence of first crime scene in Halloween
    Mexican Michael Myers in a repulsive film of slashers
    Murder was the case when I doggy styled TJ’s hooker
    She was on her menstrual cause floor was blood spattered
    William how I hung juries, body bags zipped like hoodies

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    I shred threads when I show crabs how to rhyme
    I’m at fore of frontlines because it’s murder time
    Buried six feet but only to plant martial landmines
    Deadly instincts when I go to war with hollow tips
    Bullets size of wizards quick to pierce John’s wall
    Columbine High black trench coats blood-soaked
    AK nonstop spray entrenched with the hate of KKK
    Reprisal renegade, sick Mexican like Mayans with AIDS
    Fidel’s top lieutenant, Che Guevara how I move militant
    Vicious visions of vengeance, Jack Torrance evil malice
    Skull Island natives murder motives, psyche destructive
    My mind is a grenade that’s why vernacular is explosive
    Unabomber volatile manuscripts, infinitely apocalypse
    Book of Revelations calamities when I bomb nations
    Heated hammers cremate like Auschwitz incinerators
    Rifle barrels bring eternal peril, carnage at its pinnacle

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    Its like those and that
    Hold cha tongue I got lungs for today
    Yall outta breathe dead em like too much weed smoke
    Got em coughing hard like second hand smoke
    Im cold as a casket match with the undertaker
    Yall awaken the beast slayer
    Crown me the king when I take ya kingdom
    Bring in ya knights Im nice with the saber
    Just ask the ladies they having my babies
    Laser you off like the Sphinxs nose
    Clones get shown the door
    I go in raw like dawg with all puns intended
    Yall get ended like a film before the credits
    Edit you down to snippets and trailers

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    We both looked into the abyss
    But you just happened to blink
    Drink elixirs fixing tickets flying high in skies
    Driven wide screen promote note homes hope
    Photons shattering atoms til I create stars in new galaxies
    Massive weaponized architect irony is I had to bring it was written but never told
    Built off Cuban links hold cha hauss stoned off the cheeba
    I’m colder than freezers with frost covering it
    Y’all just bad refrigeration units get defused like time bombs
    Redo the flow like an ice rink
    Pitch no hitter fix ya feeders leave ya scrambling for something to snack on
    Smash fast classes ya ain’t passing I’m doing the fast and the glove
    Smash together those patties putting it in the pussy
    Classical mind ripped albums down to photogs
    Home show hog tie flat through clouds with pride
    Iron sway slide through making minds snap
    Had skulls swinging on my waste just for warning
    I’m a barbarian, what’s scarier we ready for war

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    Clones get shown data pads radar lads clandestine minds get contested
    We jarring them up in museums like we’re in futurama
    Hold cha drama, pause dot comma it’s a museum moments like homes used to say
    Craving like a raven driven living off my own self hollering if ya hear me
    Stoked times get smoked trees get burnt. next a forest gets reseeded
    Sucking ya in just as a black hole just got discovered like ya mother

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    Stocking clocks iron rocks pile on like tackles
    Draft you in armies ya minds still boggling me
    Hosting flown cloning like rick and morty
    Homes don’t cha be courting some hoes
    Those hoes get cha grounded with no floatation devices
    Slice nicest I don’t hold weight I just weight my holds
    Snap necks in the crippler cross face chicken wing
    Treat cha like the uni-bomber with no honor my honor
    Coming with karma, dear momma

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    Advanced dementia, cursed by karma
    Bloodthirsty bond of barbaric brethren
    Biological test proved I’m son of Satan
    Inherently violent like Serengeti’s rabies
    Consciousness treads on rotten courses
    Deranged verses with psychiatric defenses
    I bring manure to streets like clogged sewers
    Formaldehyde flow enhanced by hydrochloric acid lyrics
    Parallel prophecies become deeply contradictory
    Corlis Williamson Big Nasty, armored anatomy
    I encircle iniquities like a pack of hungry coyotes
    Hostility epitome, propranolol in competitive archery
    La Cosa Nostra outlaw like Ben Wade in 3:10 to Yuma
    Drug cartel enforcer, bipolar disorder cadaver hoarder
    Personality of psychopath, St. Valentine’s Day bloodbath
    Homicidal urges cause populaces to decline like ancient diseases

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    Subsonic bars of B-52 bombers in Qatar
    Proton charge expelled from atomic bombs
    Bereavement levels of radioactive elements
    Hiroshima nerve agents spread like malaria
    Bacteria pollutes plasma, outbreaks of Ebola
    Poisonous illnesses of transmitted viruses
    Psyche’s view volatile as tensions in North Kivu
    Brussels airport terminals, hurled lethal chemicals
    Germ grenades decimate anatomies like AIDS
    WTC planes aim, infernos of molten ice flames
    Titanic tip of iceberg cold grips, climate apocalypse
    Cremated heavens pearly gates, featureless landscapes
    Uninhabitable abodes, inaccessible blood-flooded roads
    Seek-and-destroy mode of SpaceX explosion probes
    Plot assassination mediation, cycles of destruction
    Dawn of distortion, Book of Revelation decimation

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