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yeah, love Black Sheeps first album.

im going the other way, like i picked up "Follow the Leader" and "Mecca & The Soul Brother". but both those album have had maybe 1 or 2 spins each, while ive been really getting into El-p, RJD2, Soul Position, Blueprint solo shit. not sure why, i still like all the 90's hip hop, it just seems familiar to me, not saying thats a problem. ive just never been fully into so called "alternate" hip hop before, except for Eyedea & Abilites and Atmosphere.

anway, im sure no one cares.
I think it's fair to say that every now and again we all go through these phases which is why I love hip hop so much, there are just different styles to choose from that it's just great when you either go back to shit you haven't heard in a while or you checkout a new artist and then you spent a huge amount of time checkingout his entire discography....kind of like what I did after hearing MF DOOM for the first time.