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Thread: NanoWriMo 2007

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    Default NanoWriMo 2007

    Anyone sign up? www.nanowrimo.org SIGN UP, WRITE YOUR NOVEL. WE CAN FORM SUPPORT GROUPS. My story so far, please critique.

    A cigarette dripping sloppy embers into the glass ashtray, the slight hum of the air-conditioner envisioned and brought to reality on my desktop, locked in my drab bare-boned bedroom, as I clutch at tufts of my hair, biting my lower lip, looking at the empty page in front of me, my other hand on my knees. My veins itch when I get upset. Lifting my head slowly, I rest my heavy fingers on the lead typewriter, my legs wrapped around the small wooden chair I live in.
    HEY WHATCHA WRITING? The paper queried of me, its paper hands slowly pulling itself out of the golden typewriter.
    Itís the paper! A banshee wail escapes my lips as I look at the paper, two small pencil-eyes drawn around the radii, and a tongue hanging limply out of the corner. I sob and slam my hand into the table. The paper was 11Ē, with a small bejeweled earring on itís side, two hands, and feets like big white mouse gloves.
    Nothing, paper. Nothing at all. I choke out, my whole body trembling. I havenít slept in days, and my body burns with frustration. Will you help me?
    I look down at my sleeves, wrapped around my elbows, small red scratches up my sinewy veins from the impatience.
    A stoic look drapes onto the paperís face, his tree-claw grasping my wrist as his bottom lip quivers, pulling a box out from his paper-ass.
    I want Ö I want to show you something. Do you want to see it?
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    Well, November's been over for a while now. I'm still working on the novel, and hit about page... 183. I'm moving on up, expect to see me in your bookstore, nugga.

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    I try to do it on my own (ie not in November) last month- I got about 16,000 words in but I didn't plan it well- I had to travel the last third of the month and I didn't have a computer so that kind of killed it. I'm thinking of writing a parody- maybe next month?

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