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Thread: What (Non Hip Hop) Are You Listening To?

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    Their attitude turns me off quicker than an alarm clock, yet I still want to fuck these girls. I never really hate fucked anyone, but that video has me wondering if I'm missing out.

    I feel the same way. However this weird slutty satanic instagram "hooker chic" apparently is the one who created a massive PR crisis for Die Antwoord and Ninja specifically. The backstory is really strange and half of their base abandoned them. I don't know much about that duo but it's a weird rabbit hole they opened up. Apparently this is her response to them before she turned 20 - 21.

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    The Harm Reduction Unit is my favourite unit within the Unacceptable Behaviour Team.

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    That's a pretty hard cringe. The Asian girl can still get it rough.

    There's yet more confirmation Leonardo DiCaprio is Hollywood's biggest playboy, with a source telling Star magazine he likes to vape and listen to music on his headphones while he's having sex.
    His super chill attitude towards shagging was revealed by the best friend of a woman who had bedded the 41-year-old Oscar winner.
    The source, who sounds like she's not bitter at all, said: "Leonardo DiCaprio is selfish, lazy and downright rude.
    "She told me that during the act, Leo put on headphones and even started vaping! Then he signalled her to keep going while he just laid back and zoned out."

    I'm not sure how to feel about this one, because, on one hand, it's pretty chill. But on the other hand nobody likes a vaper.
    Also, you've got to imagine he's wearing those big headphones that hipsters wear so they can let everyone around know they're really into music.
    "The woman was so confused by the situation that she just carried on, embarrassed and hoping for things to change," the source continued.
    "But Leo continues to lie there, listening to MGMT, while his "date" was left wondering what was in this for her."
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    Some sick house vinyl records I picked up.

    The Chimes Heaven. 1989 single charting at #66 in the UK in December 1989, and #24 in the UK when reissued in September 1990, #34 in the Netherlands in February 1990, #62 in Australia in March 1990, #5 in New Zealand in May 1990, and #25 in Ireland in October 1990. From the album 'The Chimes'.

    Stevie B ~ In My Eyes

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