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Thread: Planetary Allienment, Sub N Scribble

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    Default Planetary Allienment, Sub N Scribble


    It's time for war, yo I be sniping most cowards/
    N hangin demons up, from mind control Towers/
    Ma Microphone powers, willl fuck up ya conscious/
    Like Shells from A Gun, that'll Bust Up a Target/
    I beat the shit out of Any Sucka That Talks shit/
    N Pack guns, like the Military Industrial Complex/
    been practicing this longer, than Ancient Scribers/
    Burnin hotter than flames at the Core of Satanís Iris/
    Itís Scribble N Sub, w/ hallow tips in our guns/
    we Put holes in you, bigger than the Michigan Slutís/
    Damage U like head shots, blast at point blank/
    My crew makes G unit look like a fuckiní boy band/
    Iím A revolutionary, fighting the demons n Stazi/
    Cause the dude writing Bushís Speeches is Nazi/
    snatch up they Straps, N Put the heat to they body/
    ma Militias run u down, in the streets w/ an Audi/
    Iín Tracked daily, by Cameraís and Satellites/
    n My house get watched, by Mechanical Dragon flies/
    I'm Sharper than swords, Tempered in blue flames/
    burning down the UN,while I'm spittin this Butane/
    Practicein rhyme skills, in the Temple of Wu tang/
    Hunt down my foes, like the Christians on Crusades/
    You cats are pussy, like you listen to new Age/
    But I survive past, Armageddon and Dooms Day/



    Both Hands get thrown up, cause its Sub and Scribble
    collabin to make this cold cut, like a Sub with Pickles
    While all these no name *****s say they tuck the metal.
    Shit....the Magneto from my sig could crush ya pixels
    While weíre up in demos, ur online tryna uppn demos
    Son, we straight outta this world like hover gizmos
    back down on Earth, aliens are crossing our borders
    in space, aliens watch us, theyre crossing the border
    Since Zero has the imagery locked, I show them emotion
    and we dont need Photoshop to blow things outta proportion
    Subs skill is everlasting, like gnawin on Jaw Breakers
    My words leave mouths open, im callin Ďem Jaw Breakers
    the dukes take you to the max, the dynamic music force
    secretly using raps to hack through ur Computer Ports
    The Lord of Ice and The Human Torch
    Sound Wave patterns in every color like Unicorns
    a lost legend like the Druid Wars...
    Son, our names echo through time like Bugle Horns
    harrier jets try to keep up, but they too slow to follow
    while im playin freeze tag with the kat who froze Apollo
    the 18th century kings that wear crowns of golden carmel
    Roman Cardnals, rockin blue hoodies with a Black Sabor
    smokin on the same toxins used inside of Gas Chambers
    Assasains for hire, we could put you on our mailing list
    besides, I put an End to Ink like I stole all the jellyfish
    the rap Super-Stars, cause we shine brighter then others
    both our notebooks got solar panels, we outshinin eachother

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    Default Re: Planetary Allienment, Sub N Scribble

    pretty good keep it up

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    Default Re: Planetary Allienment, Sub N Scribble

    I cut for that

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    Default Re: Planetary Allienment, Sub N Scribble

    nice shit, i told u i liked ya verse on aim, other kid was good too

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