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Thread: Alicia Keys Clears Up Controversial Statements

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    Default Alicia Keys Clears Up Controversial Statements

    Alicia Keys' Blender magazine quotes didn't fair too popular amongst some people. In the article, Alicia was quoted as saying that Tupac and Biggie were assassinated by the government and the media. But when her quotes started to make their way around the media, Keys quickly called into to Ryan Seacrest's radio show to clear them up.

    "I did want to clarify some statements because basically what happened was that I feel that I wasn't 100 percent clear on exactly what I was saying so it got slightly misinterpreted," she said to L.A. radio station, On Air With Ryan.

    Alicia also said that Blender magazine misrepresented her statements. "I wasn't saying that I was a conspiracy theorist. I wasn't saying that I am anti-anyone," she continued. The article made it appear that Alicia Keys was blaming the government for gangster rap. "My comments about gangster rap were in no way trying to suggest that the government is responsible for creating this genre of music. The point that I was trying to make was that the term was oversloganized by some of the media causing reactions that are not always positive."

    Alicia Keys has always represented for the people, and her statements reflect the mindset of many in the hip-hop community. Recently, she was also featured on American Idol's "Idol Gives Back" show, where she visited children in Africa.

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    damn she looks really hot on that pic

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