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Thread: Album Review Section Rules (Look Here Before Starting A Thread)

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    Default Album Review Section Rules (Look Here Before Starting A Thread)

    Album Review Section Rules

    Ok, basically in an effort to make this section more accessible and more useful there are a couple of things which members can do when posting a new review thread:
    1. Firstly, check to see if a thread for that particular album already exists within the forum, by opening the Review Archive at the top of the page (*Hip Hop Review Archive*).
    2. When entering the thread title, ensure that the Artist and the Album title are included. (please post in this format: Artist - Album Title.) It just makes it a lot easier to update the archive.
    3. Include a poll within the review, preferably out of 10, either 1-10 or 5-10. (if you are unsure of how to include a poll in your thread, enquire here)
    4. Post any information relating to the album that you feel is necessary, and post your personal review of the album. (copying a review from another website defeats the purpose of this forum)
    5. If you feel inclined, include the album cover and a tracklisting

    Drop any suggestions, queries or whatever else in here.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Patrick Bateman
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