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Thread: The Official Poetry Thread

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    Traveling unraveling the conscious the past and present struggles
    Keeping the mind free from being controlled by the mk
    We all die one day so its useless to praise money
    Demons on the rise conquering earth hiding in your church
    And molesting your children the civilians blood spilling
    From russia to rome we cherish worthless values
    Mankind? There is no kind in man centuries of village pillages
    Shade of skin does not define you it starts from within
    Were all born into sin and guaranteed death
    The body is the temple so be righteous men and woman
    Easier said than done hard surviving the dirty slums
    Protecting ourselves with knives and guns
    Young to old a cold world we live in everything taken for granted
    Unchanted thoughts one way or the other i will make my mark
    Be it behind bars for a cause or a speech that defines a dream
    Powered by the will to survive everyday is taken in stride
    Bad mornings I've awaken to bad news but nothing's new
    Were caged like animals in zoos institutionalized fools
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Her exit would spell tragedy. Mouth truly dried by the one with the forest green headscarfed-ruby eyed-like the flags that fly in Dhaka; I’m glad I had a tongue paralysed at the time; wouldn’t have wanted to utter anything unwise.
    She navigates like she flies-ripples in her fabrics when the wind roars-royal; the way her gown is sprawled over unworthy floors.
    Loose clothing roaming; cradled by her fragrance as it homed in so, render me mute when our eyes meet. I see the earnest yet fiery glare; there’s spice in there. Does she invite, or indict my stares? The iris from which the light just blares; radiating a type of care that ignites and insights my prayers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolution View Post
    You crawl

    All over my left ball

    Make me fall off the wall

    Met you at the mall

    Took off your draws

    In the bathroom stall

    Made me call

    Embarrassing; you were short (I was tall)


    Quote Originally Posted by Revolution View Post
    She is there

    I feel her stare

    Like a glare

    She wants me bare..


    (I can't take it)

    I tell her: "SHAKE THIS!"

    Pull out snake t*p

    ~Superman cape bitch~

    Quote Originally Posted by Revolution View Post
    So tired

    Feel wired

    Wish I was retired

    Tired now --- then re-tired


    I lay,


    A stray


    Wunts me

    *I mean* wants me

    Very cocky

    He is a cocky (spaniel)

    Pees from his cocky

    Clean up his sh!t a.k.a. cocky

    Mind of an immigrant: "HE SO LOCKY"

    "I will name you Rocky"

    We can watch 'Rocky'

    Our relationship =/= rocky

    We rock, E

    He has a baby paw

    He's my baby pa

    {'Sup, baby pa?}



    We best

    Geet rest

    Skeet blessed

    Your existence

    Cuter than fishsticks

    Tasty like lipstick

    Furry like chitlin

    ***WHAT IS MISSIN' ?!?!?!!?!?/
    Quote Originally Posted by Revolution View Post
    Let me stawt:

    Are you a re-tawd?

    Never go "he smawt"

    But is she H@WT ??!

    "Don't. EVER, get caught,.."

    ~Peace, Todd.

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    no wonder the incel thread offended you.. you just like sucking your own dick dont you.

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    revolution got a lot of red bars there. lol

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    Oh that cunt?
    Yeah, yeah, I fux widdim
    Raindrops on the wedding palm
    Oh that cunt?
    Yeah, yeah, I stole trucks widdim
    Raindrops on Canadian maple.
    Suck this drunk alcohol dick.

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    Oh but I would
    would stop and talk with you
    I'm about to embark
    on a 6 week motivational speaking tour
    fishing lures
    it was calm that day
    I heard a cricket chirp
    there was movement
    oh how I miss the summer nor' easter
    her face that morning
    her skin like it had blessed by an angel
    friday, it was never my proud.
    Suck this drunk alcohol dick.

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