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Thread: Wu Sample Originals

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    Quote Originally Posted by soob View Post
    Ok, I got !
    Man, this would be it! Fuck!
    I'm sure since 4th Disciple used the same album to make the skit on Killarmy's debut
    What? That's some next level confirmation bias right there; that just doesn't make any sense at all. How the hell does some other producer's (albeit a wu producer) use of a sample in any way confirm anything?

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    ^ Cause it's a known fact that RZA and other shared the same recrods. There used to be a place called (I guess) Wu basement where they stored all the recrods and produced a lot of tracks. Thats why you can hear similar samples in RZA and 4th's beats

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    Rec Room

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    That one was known, but thanks Jammin'. I didn't know that Wisdom Body had been found, that was a treat.

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    The Supremes - 5:30 Plane, the first 5 secs sound interesting right? It aint the actual Milk This Cow but could've been, we know it's the OV Wright one.

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    Bobby Hutcherson - Uhhm

    Used in KGB - Bless Ya Life (original)

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    LA The Darkman - Underestimated Child Bobby Womack "Ruby Dean"....... i think Bronze produced it
    LA The Darkman - Must Be Love The Impressions "We Must Be In Love".....I think Bronze produced it
    .........I got "Children Of A Lesser God" by Wisemen, I Just cant find them shits... 4hours deep!!.....the group Bronze sampled is called "Pleasure" DIG.........cause im still looking

    anybody got the 4Th produced Orphanage "Gun Lingo"?
    Bronze produced Verbal Threat's "Reckless Eye Ballin'?"
    Snypa LG

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    Remedy - Never again @5:21

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