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    Ok..this is my first post here. Looks like a good site so I'ma be stickin around
    Basically I wrote this about 2 months back, I'm tryin to get back into rhyming so thats why the content aint incredible but ye, you already know.

    I was taught to believe, that in life I'm sure to succeed
    My rhymes are pure as can be, and thats important to me
    I'm the talk of the streets, coz I've learnt to walk on my feet
    Used to crawl on my knees when I was thought of as weak
    But opportunitys knocked : I was improvin a lot
    Communitys flocked, and said I was as fluent as Pac
    Grew on the block : transformed into a nuisance to cops
    I was on top of my game and was refusing to stop
    I then knew that I'd got, a rep for not giving a damn
    The kids were my fans, like, "I'm really diggin this man"
    So I realised I had a talent : had a business to plan
    Gathered my troops together : formed a clique and a clan
    Who bopped their heads as their fingers were tapped on the tins and the cans
    While my lyrics would rip it when the rhythm began
    So I did what I had to, always standing my ground
    Neighbours gathered in crowds to come an hear me rappin aloud
    My mind was full of lines, but I narrowed it down
    Said what I could just to get a *gasp* and a 'Wow!'
    Travelled around,rode on roads in the dopest coaches
    Spat my hocus pocus flows so i wouldn't go unnoticed
    Those who were hopeless, were only told to focus -
    On what I spoke as my boasting quotes were blown on posters
    Keep it real, as the days when I'm lonely and old approaches
    But for now I'm givin em thrills similiar to rollercoasters
    Like 'Holy Moly I hope it doesn't start goin slower!'
    So I'll show ya, how I became a rising star
    Newspaper titles sparked lies about my private parts
    Saying I was having affairs : but, of course, I was not
    So I decided to write a track just to fight em off
    Tho they we were doin me a favour : my publicity boosted
    My lyrics were truth, so I delivered the music
    I was then recognized by real dudes, who said that I was real smooth
    Told em I had to hold my own, they're like ''Yeah yeah man, I feel you''
    I'd been training them in private, an it was then that i released my crew
    A set of guys who heat the booth, so record buys had reached the roof
    An that's where we are today : our venom rhymes are leakin through
    It's these lessons and these lectures I attempt to try and teach to you....

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    Ok, reminds me of "lose yourself' by eminem kind of.

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    I don't know if that is good or bad but thanks
    Any more feed

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    Thumbs up

    My mind was full of lines, but I narrowed it down
    Said what I could just to get a *gasp* and a 'Wow!'

    haha nice

    good verse

    If I told you where we were at or where we were goin', I'd shatter the worlds social balance as we know it

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