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Thread: The Pro Wrestling thread

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    Since Smackdown moved to Fox, they expect it to be more watched than Raw now and the commentators from Raw moved to Smackdown. Jerry Lawler is on Raw again, with someone named Vic Joseph and Dio Madden.

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    The new AEW TV show starts this Thursday on TNT.

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    Anyone watch NWA Power?

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    ^Always good to see Macaulay Culkin back on TV

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    Why are old timers are still wrestling? RVD is 50, Chris Jericho has been wrestling since I was in middle school, I heard Edge returned, John Cena has been in the game since 2002, The Hardy Boys are still doing their thing. Why? These guys should be well established now so they don't have to bust their bodies. Doesn't the WWE pay pretty well?
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    Maybe they like the attention. Think of all those US rock outfits from the seventies that are still touring. I know the circuit some, you'd be surprised to find out at what small venues they play overseas. loads of sixty and seventy plussers playing to crowds of 100 to 300 people. these guys have multiple houses, cars and what have you not. sure, some need the money (alimony is a bitch) but lots of them are in it for the (small) crowds they pull

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