doctor doctor! my thoughts aint my own
stop tha improper thoughts in my dome
ought to go home but my bodys even bleedin
seein demons n my brains needed treatin
ever since i was a seed in seimen
im type strange, crazy...deranged maybe
at first i thought my blood contained rabies
i blame the eightees, to many nights on drugs
never touch my wife, now its my knife i hug
my lifes gone bug, im scared, i think im possesed
always thinkin of death, by drink im obsessed
i need ya diagnosis tell me, am i crazy or sane
im loosin my noodle, haunted by a lady in chains
ya conclusion is crucial, dont say im crazy again
he looked in my eyes then wrote on his note book
then took in a sigh grabed my throat n said look
"youve bin my patient for a while, n its all in your mind
ive analysed ya brain patterns n sanity is all i could find"
damn doc! well thats a relief now its back to the streets
i keeps it tight no more sleepless nights or blackness n grief
i can relax with my peeps, no more demons grabbin me
keep my mentality away from the dark shores of insanity

flows mad choppy
fuck it though
enjoy if its ya cup of tea