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Thread: What game are you currently playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    Assasins Creed Syndicate and Dishonoured 2.
    is Dishonored 2 any good?
    I'm confused with that 'death of the outsider' game
    is it an expansion or a different game?

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    Not sure why the creators of For Honor force you to start the game by playing as a bitch. If it was a woman Viking that would've actually made sense from a historical perspective. Then you eventually meet up with a 7 ft tall muscular lesbian Knight that kills like 10 guys in under 30 seconds. Lmao.
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    Wow, I was loving silent hill downpour but pretty sure I'm gonna have to abandon on an absolutely fucking ridiculous little nothing bit which would actually b really cool but for the fucken shitty gameplay. This is by fuckjng far the most pissed off I recall getting since I started gaming again.

    In donkey Kong on Wii there was a thing where if u died maybe 10 or so thymes trying to get thru a certain part u could choose to skip it. I actually never used it, but in a lot of games I've played there r plenty of instances where I'd use something like that. All games should have something like that. I absolutely cannot fucking deal with wasting my thyme on such stupid fucking shit. It drives me insane.

    I was writing this betwixt attempts at that cunt part, n I ended up getting thru it n there was ZERO satisfaction. I do not find it rewarding to get past something so fucking ridiculous in a video game. I'm still just pissed off that I had to waste my thyme on that shit. That's y I abandon so many games, often early on. I refuse to waste my thyme on ridiculous fucken shit n still feel like shit even if I do eventually get thru it.
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