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Thread: What game are you currently playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noel411 View Post
    Lolz I decided to have another go at it tonight, giving myself about 45 min to attempt it, n I got it in about 10 minutes, lolz. Loads of thyme to spare too, I think. It really wasn't that hard. Just had a cunt of a thyme last night trying it.
    That's the remedy for pretty much every hard game. Walk away for a bit and kick ass later.

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    Trackmania Turbo. This is my new Tetris.
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    Gears 5. I kinda lost all hope in the franchise and thought they didn't really need to carry it on with Gears 4 but this has been surprisingly good. Good campaign with a nice open world aspect in certain acts, I thought this was probably the best Gears campaign along with Gears 2. The game is also really hard even on normal difficulty, you just get overwhelmed at certain points which is a plus for me. Multiplayer suffers from typical Gears multiplayer problems which is mainly gun balance issues. If you play a certain way in older games it just doesn't work here. I think there's like 6 new multiplayer maps with a couple more from previous games so a decent amount of content.

    Better than expected and one of the best damn looking games out there. Its basically free if you get the free trial on the xbox games pass. Also if you get it on PC you can play it on Xbox, one copy works for both.

    This just came out way too late in the Xbox One's life cycle. This is what Gears 4 should have been. Adding something different to the gameplay and campaign. Gears 4 was too much like the others, the franchise needed something else. I hope in the next one they can expand on the open world idea.

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