I seen a part of this in someones sig so i thought i'd post the full 7 clips..

This is back from 98'..it's mad seeing how much DMX has changed in his last video in prison with his pink uniform,lmfao

Pt 1.

mos def droppin knowledge

Pt 2.

Pt 3.

You see em giving props to wu-tang & raekwon in this clip.

Pt 4.

I was fucking laughing my goggles off at canibus when at 1:04, he blurted - "raekwon said, he had a rainbow roley...wtf's is a rainbow roley???"

He is of course talking abour rae's 'older gods' verse where he says "Aiyyo rainbow Roley on the wrist, now what's this" but at least DMX pointed out it was a rolex

Pt 5.

Pt 6.

Pt 7.

I seen this a while back but it was good to watch over again..