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Thread: Wu Vatican FAQ

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    Default Wu Vatican FAQ

    What is the Wu Vatican?

    The Wu Vatican is a restricted usergroup who have all contributed outstandingly to the forums. Most members have their usernames in Orange.

    How do you become a member of the Vatican?

    The other Vatican members decide by a vouching system where you need Vaticans and mods both to vouch for you. If enough members and mods vouch you and no members neg-vouch you, you may be selected. Normally the Vatican frowns on users asking to be (vouched) in the Vatican.

    What do moderators have to do with the Vatican?

    Generally moderators moderate and are usually a good judge of character. If you contributed to the forum in a positive way it means your posts have not needed constant moderation. This is why they have a major part of the vouching process. Also, it was the senior moderators who elected the first round of chartered Vatican members hence moderators started the group.

    What are the benefits in being part of the Wu Vatican?

    Larger avatars, more PM space, ability to give reputation, a private set of forums among other things.

    What amount of posts and time I've been here do I need to become part of the Wu Vatican?

    Posts and years registered don't mean *that* much and have no set amounts. However most Vatican members have relatively high post counts and have been here for years. The record for the fastest Vatican entrance from registration date is about 6 months and the lowest post count record is around 800. Remember that these are the records and generally it takes good posting creativity over a period. One hit wonders are often neglected.

    Isn't this just some kind of popularity contest like the cool kids/retards that post in general chat?

    No. More than half of the current Vatican members rarely post in general chat. There may be a few Vatican members who participate in some of the frenzied conversations in the general chat forum but that's not the reason why they were admitted.

    What are the other restrictions?

    The Vatican can not have more than 100 members at any given time. The 100 members are made up of the Vatican users and the senior moderators that have Dark Orange usernames since they can see the Vatican forums and if they werent moderators they would be in the Vatican anyway. As of April 3, 2009 the Vatican is at capacity.

    If there's a cap, how are new spaces made?

    Generally Vatican members get ousted if they have been inactive for a significant amount of time, as in many months. The only other way Vatican members are ousted is if other Vatican members feel indifferent on their overall image on the forum. Vatican members get ousted in a similar way than getting admitted.

    Can I see a list of all the Vatican members?

    You can find the list on the forum leaders page (click link)
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