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Thread: Killah Priest Interview - 04/21/09

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    What have you been up to lately?

    Just grinding. Grinding. Just working, man. Iíve been in the studio, knocking out mixtapes, albums, second albumsÖThis time Iím doing a double album. I gotta do it. Word. Thatís what Iíve been up to. Iíve been doing shows. Iíve been doing everything thatís related to music.

    You just released your latest mixtape, The Untold Story of Walter Reed, for free download. How did this mixtape come together?

    The mixtape came together because I recorded a lot of songs at DJ Wooolís crib. I was just doing songs at his crib. I was recording four songs a night. Also I had beats that I got from New York that I got when I went up to do a show with GZA. I went up there and I did a show with him. So I got a hold of all these beats and I was also doing a lot of work with my son. So all of a sudden we had all of this music and I was like, ĎLetís just give some of this shit out.í With The Untold Story of Walter Reed, I just gave it out.

    Did you have any reservations about giving out free music?

    No, I donít. A lot of cats think Priest is crazy because itís top-quality shit. Iím giving out shit that could be on albums but fuck that, man. My wire is loose. I just donít give a fuck, man. Yíall could have it, man, because of the times we live in anyway and thereís a bunch of saturated bullshit out there anyway. I just gotta give this shit out anyway so people could have it. A lot of people donít love their fans and the music comes from me. If it comes from me, donít worry. I got more. If Iím giving that away, you could just imagine what Iím doing for my album.

    DJ Woool caught a lot of criticism for his production style on your last album Behind the Stained Glass. How do you see DJ Woool growing as a producer?

    DJ Woool is growing a lot. You gotta remember, when we did Behind the Stained Glass, it was real spiritual because my sister passed and there really was no budget. I came out here to his crib and started knocking songs out and it just turned into Behind the Stained Glass. It just turned into that. A lot of the stuff that was on Behind the Stained Glass leaked out. There was no budget and we was just in the studio and we were knocking songs out. Iím the type of person where I just like to go now. Fuck all this waiting, man. I could do this all day long. When Iím doing songs, Iím putting it out there. We did that on Behind the Stained Glass. Now he did everything on the mixtape for The Untold Story of Walter Reed except for two songs. And so heís getting better and better, man.

    Is Woool starting to get more respect from your fans?

    You know, I think he do. I know a lot of people will still criticize him but I think that with criticism comes power. You learn. Not everybody gonna like your shit. Everybodyís got their opinions of music. Everybodyís not going to like it. I feel you, though. He may not be for everybody. Let me make this clear Ė you donít get a Killah Priest album and just listen to the beats. I mean, you listen to the beats but you know Iím gonna hold it down lyrically. But I donít know how people could pick my album just to listen to the beats. Listen to the whole thing together. Itís like a sandwich. Itís like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You donít eat those just to see how the peanut butter tastes.

    Are you still dropping Behind the Stained Glass 2?

    Nah. I donít know. I might put that out as a mixtape here and there. Right now itís all about The Second World of Walter Reed and itís going to be a double. Iím doing a double album. People always tell me why not just get paid for two albums? Nah, man. Iím gonna do a double album and itís going to be one album because Iím going to sell it like itís one. Let another MC do that! See if he could keep the people interested. Thatís what Iím doing! (laughs) I want to put myself to the test. I got a lot of great stuff on this album. I got back with Godz Wrath. We started knocking stuff out. And I was in Europe for a long time so I wasnít even a part of this ringtone rap. Youíre going to get a great album. Iíll put it that way. And itís going to be a double. The Second World is going to be two discs.

    You were going to do that for Behind the Stained Glass but changed your mind at the last minute. What changed to make you do a double album now?

    I think that for me, it was really something that I always wanted to do. All the great MCs put out a double album. They put out a double album. I just want to show people my work ethic. I just gave out a free mixtape thatís like an album. And if an MC can compare to thatÖIím giving them concepts and everything. I donít know. Call me crazy but I donít give a fuck right now. I want to give the people music. Weíre in a recession and shit is down. You could pay for that bullshit or cop this shit, which is free.

    Do you feel like youíre lowering your sales by giving out free music?

    I donít think so, man. I think Iím building it up. I really canít tell you. The last one built up. I donít know. (laughs) Nah. I donít really think that Iím lowering my quality. I just think that Iím more for the people and Iím willing to put everything online, music-wise. Weíre living in the information age. Yeah, man. I really donít care about lowering my value or anything. I just care about the people getting my music.

    Youíve had a few personal tragedies happen to you in the last couple of years. How have you been doing?

    Yeah, I know, man. A lot of stuff happened to me. My sister passed away. I moved out to Cali, changed my whole environment. A lot of my boys got locked up. Daddy Rose is there. Everybodyís been locked down. The situation with the label that me and Amal had going onÖThe OfferingÖThat was supposed to be my return album and that was supposed to be the album that takes me over the top. I had A-list artists on there that I respected that respected the craft but you know, itís all different now. Itís all good. You live and you learn.

    Are you still working with Amal, who helped you put The Offering together?

    Weíre good. I think we did what we did and it was great. My handís always extended and who knows what the future holds, man. Iím just doing Priest right now. This way I can concentrate more and I donít have to worry about conflicts of interest and other things like that. Iím just doing me.

    Are we going to see a Maccabeez or G-Ciples album anytime in the future?

    All right. The reason why I have so many groups is because Iím so creative, man. If something right doesnít happen, like with the Maccabeez, like Daddy Rose going to jailÖI donít know what happened with that situation. We restructured the Maccabeez, which was Timbo and Razah. The plans didnít initially turn out that good. I donít know what happened with that. But I came out here and we built up the G-Ciples and G-Ciples is still going good. But Iím still going to keep The Maccabeez. Thatís a good name. We all stay on the same plane. We should be ruling shit. As long as we all stay on the same plane, everythingís good.

    On some of the freestyles you release you sound real aggressive and focused and others are very abstract and really hard to follow. Why is that?

    (laughs) Yeah. Youíre going to get a lot of the aggressive stuff, man. Some of them, Iíll be in the studio all fucking day. Iím all day in the studio. Sometimes I send you some music and it donít go up and I send you something else and thatís not the shit I wanted to go up. I just wanted to see if that shit was going to go up on time. (laughs) Everything Iíve been dropping now has been real hard. I got the feedback on the ďAmaziníĒ joint. Actually I was making fun of Auto Tune unless you freak it another way. What I was really doing was a song that was out there already and if you listen to the rhyme, I said, ďAuto Tune, I spell all yíallís doom.Ē Iíve been fucking around with it but Iíve been doing a lot of reggae. Iím into the reggae stuff, getting into a lot of reggae beats.

    How did that happen?

    I love the consciousness of it and the roots and the culture. I love the vibe. You donít get in a bad mood listening to reggae. You donít go out to shoot your brother or anything like that. It just puts me in a good vibe and with this album, it will make you bang your head against the wall but you ainít about to just go kill nobody. (laughs) So itís got a vibe thatís going to make you feel real good about hip-hop. Itís like putting The Offering as the peanut butter and Heavy Mental is the jelly and smashing it together real quick. I got a song on there thatís damn-near seven minutes long. Iím feeling good.

    Are you a more focused MC today than youíve been in the last few years?

    Hell yeah. Iím very focused right now. With time comes change and you learn a lot. I mean, I learned a lot from RZA. I watched RZA when I first came in and I learned from the master. I took my skits to the studio and cats that was around me, I tried to share the stuff that I learned. That tells you that Iím focused because Iím applying what I learned from the game. But as far as being an MC, Iím more focused. Iím more comfortable with my pocket and my rhymes. Iím more comfortable now. Iím a threat.

    What have you learned from working with RZA and GZA over the years?

    I learned a lot. One thing I learned, really, I learned just to have fun with this shit. I learned that the music, it comes from us. It comes from the soul and just to have fun with this shit. Get your business right but have fun with this shit. I learned a lot of stuff as far as Iím very professional in the studio and I just get shit done. I donít sit down and just be stiff with myself. I loosen up the mic and just loosen up and let go.

    Have you been working with RZA lately?

    Yeah. Actually RZAís on my album. He dropped a verse. We was at Shavoís crib. Big up to The Chosen. He dropped a verse for me. Itís family, which is a good thing for hip-hop. Yeah, Iíve been building with him since Iíve been out here and things have been cool. Iím just in it to win it. Bygones is bygones, man. Weíre grown men. Weíre doing it up. And it wasnít like we had to sit down and go through it. I think itís just being at the right time and showing up and being ready to work. I mean, we kicked it and we talked but at the end of the day, weíre really brothers inside. And if I come out and I need a little help or whatever and you know, RZA is there, he looks out. Us working together, I think it was us being in the right place at the right time.

    And we ainít making music together all the time. When Iím there, we do the shit. When Iím there heíll tell me he needs me on this joint and I say okay and I lace it. But I make sure that the shit is hard. Everything that Iím spitting on right now is dynamite. My mind is clear. I got a lot of things off my chest and Iím very satisfied with this album. Iím just spitting hard music.

    Are we going to see your collaboration album with GZA anytime soon?

    Yeah, man. Heís been out here. Heís been chilling. Iím trying to get him on a track. You know, GZAís a different type of dude. I think that you should be seeing that. You should be seeing that real soon.

    Have you been in touch with any of the Sunz of Man members?

    I seen Prodigal. I seen 60 two months ago but thatís it. I havenít heard from Razah.

    Whatís holding you guys up from getting back together?
    Us. If everybodyís not in the same mind frame, which is the problem, everybodyís not in the same person. I think everybody wants to be the alpha and everybody wants to go in this direction but let the shit be what it is. You know? Itís stupid egos. Itís just everybodyís got egos and itís crazy because, you know, we have the status to reach people. If you really think about it, Sunz of Man only put out one album. Really. One album. And that was the first one. The second one, I wasnít on it so that donít count. And it was just really all about stupid egos, man. Itís just man being man.

    At the end of the day we gotta rise above the egos and let it be what it is. Iím gonna always be Priest. Iím going to be who I am. And Prodigal is going to be who he is. I want to be who I am and I do what I do. Nobodyís going to take that. So if cats look for me on the album or, you know, just to guide certain things, just take it like that. Iím here to help everybody and myself. I always extended my hand, man. I always extended my hand. Iíll tell them, ĎLetís do thisí and I always try to think of the right thing. If I didnít have everybody on my album, I had a lot of them on my album and thatís saying a lot. There was an album without me on it! (laughs)

    I remember getting Saviorz Day the week it came out and it was strange not hearing you on it.

    Yeah! Exactly! Everybody had an album except I wasnít on it. When I put out an album I try to reach out my hand to some. Trust me, theyíll tell you themselves that Priest at least tries to reach out. If I ainít do that, Iím trying to make a group, another group, like Maccabeez or G-Ciples. I put out all I could put out. Now itís all about Priest. And you donít even gotta worry about that! Iím all Sunz of Man in one! So youíre gonna hear that. And I donít mean no disrespect but I got a head full of Sunz of Man.

    Was there any jealousy in the group?

    You can sense a little stuff and you hear certain things that this person said this and this person said Iím holding them back. Let me address that. Thatís the funniest shit that I ever heard in my life, that I tried to hold any artists in the Sunz of Man back. Thatís stupid to me. That doesnít even make sense to me. And for us to be jealous of each other is completely dumb. Thatís stupid. We didnít even get off the ground yet. What happened was the Sunz of Man laid a lot of stuff on the Clan. A lot of stuff was blamed on other people but it was really ourselves.

    We had a chance to be us, who we were. I always believed in that. Letís be us first before we do anything. And that caused me to go out and argue with people and I shouldnít have even stepped to the RZA and talked to him about our problems because it was really our problems. Brothers gotta get rid of the devil. We donít deal with that. Iím personally not jealous of anybody in the group. We shouldnít be. We shouldnít be jealous of anybody. Iím Killah Priest. Respect that. Iím Priest. Respect that and I respect who you are. Thatís it. And everybody in the Clan got to do what they wanted to do.

    Howís your son Starkim coming along?

    Heís coming along good. Heís on my mixtape and heís dropping a lot of stuff. Heís coming hard, man. Heís coming hard. Heís still got a little bit of growing to do, but thatís his time, man. I like what heís doing and I believe him. I like where his heart is at when he spits it. Itís almost like a ĎPac feel because heís saying it with all his heart. I donít have too many problems with that. In the studio, he goes in there and he gets his shit off. He gets his point across.

    All my sons, they know about the microphone. They were in the studio here and there but they donít listen. We donít sit around and talk about MCing all day. But yeah, Starkim is really coming through. And Zariyah was the one on The Offering. I donít know if heís going to continue. He plays football. I donít know if heís going to continue. He plays football and stuff. Everybodyís doing their own thing. Itís just that one day Starkim just bugged out and started spitting for me. It seemed like he was ready so he got on the mic and he did his thing. And Iím going to continue working with him and trying to encourage him.

    Oh, and all my mixtapes are going to be called manna! I got a mixtape thatís going to be off the chain. Itís called I Killed the Devil Last Night.

    How did you come up with that concept?

    Getting rid of the devil. First within myself, then with everybody around me. We have power. This is just about power, which if you break down my album, thatís what The Second World of Walter Reed is about. Itís all about giving back what the devil thought he took, so I just put something together, man. Itís going to be interesting last night. I Killed the Devil Last Night, word is bond.

    How do you make sure all your various projects come out right?

    Thereís 7,000 planets inside my brain, man. (laughs)

    From talking to you over the years, I believe you.

    Yeah, man. Yeah. Yep. The hardest working man in hip-hop, the James Brown of rap. I always like to create, man. I donít know. Itís some crazy stuff. Iím always creating. I got concepts that are crazy. Iím just thinking of new ways to do things instead of the same old way. A lot of MCs donít have no concepts. Weíre here to put concepts back in the game. The Second World is full of concepts.

    What should we be expecting from Killah Priest?

    You could expect my mixtape to drop in stores. Thatís going to be called The Exorcist. Omar and Woool put that together. I had a very bad EP leak where people got that. I guess weíre going to do something with that. Some of those songs got out and they leaked out. That was The Eternal Thoughts of Killah Priest. Thatís 12 joints on there. Some of them is new. I Killed the Devil Last Night, thatís going to come out and I guess by that time weíll be ready for more.

    Iím just hitting the mic and doing my training, my sparring. And I should be hitting you with some hard freestyles. Iím not even playing no games. I know about the ones that I can get in there and just hit a freestyle but you canít play around in this game so Iím ready to do this. And you got The Second World of Walter Reed and behind that I got another one coming and another one. Any investors out there, letís talk some big money. You donít even need a lot of money. Just need a little bit, letís push it out and letís get it going. And Iím always hitting my website, killahpriest.com.

    Also, I got a radio show now, Killah Priest Radio, and you can catch that on killahpriest.com. Weíre just going to be playing phat, dope-ass music. If youíre one of those Auto Tune rappers, thatís not for you. Yíall got yíall spots. This radio is for people like Joe Budden and people who are rhyming out there. And shout out to Slaughterhouse. I like what theyíre doing.

    And shout out to everybody.
    By Brian Kayser


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    Word! Good read... Free Daddy Rose! Maccabeez!
    I Killed the Devil Last Night Mixtape should be interesting

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