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Thread: Let's Rap while baked..

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    Default Let's Rap while baked..


    I will now attempt to rap, while under the influence of the psychedelic herb known as marijuana..

    Step into the cybernetic cyber zone.. Deaf tones, the base is home..
    My feet are rigged and cracked from the barren lands that I roam..
    Humping a tribeís sacred totem pole.. Pelvic thrust high score..
    A pregnant manateeís roar shatters your ear drums, As I soar..
    Across Egyptian seas, filled with golden vessels that ship slaves..
    White noise bombs, filled the room with buzzing sound waves..
    I ride an elk infected with mange disease into the enemyís castle..
    Having sex with a goddess is a hassle, but I left the pussy Punished..
    Like Frank Castle.. Elephant skin condoms provide superior safety..
    I walk into the meeting of a sacred cult eating vanilla wafies..
    Wafers didnít rhyme with safety, so I had to make up a fake cookie..
    My strength demises, destroy you like Fedor Emelianenko against a rookie..
    Catch me on TV tomorrow, for having an affair with the Jolly Green Giantís Wife..
    His lawyer team of vegetables sued me, and I could face the sentence of life..
    So Iím sent to Super Jail, where the strongest men are raped by cactus-bears..
    Holy shit that movie ďHolesĒ is on, but I canít watch it, cause these lines I tear..
    Verbal Amazon spears, spearing through Poseidonís heart, then I steal his jelly fish..
    I was the unspoken of conspirer against Caesar, who actually poisoned his dish..
    But they wonít put it in history books, the bad ass level goes beyond the marked limit..
    The world would turn into a gigantic orgy of species if I was in it..

    Uh, yeah..add on to it or whatever..

    Be back later..
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    Okay, I'm back from Germany.

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