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Thread: Eminem - Relapse

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    Raggamuffin djskillz's Avatar
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    Yeah Em definitely proved his point with this album. Can't wait for Relapse 2. I'd give this a solid 8/10.

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    shit is dope and em still got it but i was expecting more

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    underground is the best song on this album then my mom!!!

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    ^ My Mom is one of the worst, Underground is really dope though. I liked this album i dont understand why it gets so much hate.

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    junk ..sick of this kid winning like a bitch and his billion dollar ass pretending like hes got problems and wants to hang himself..i say somebody pass the rope Lynch the whiteboy LOL

    yee haa


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    ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ KERZO's Avatar
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    I love this album, it's great. Eminem is one of my favourite rappers. The album is better than I expected. 8,5/10

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    this album was dope!!!

    its also a big middle finger to all his female fans and kiddie fanclub!!!! gotta love it!!!!

    i hear all day niggas bitching about his voice, about this, about that... who currently in the mainstream is bringing bars and rhyme schemes as vicious as slim did with this?!?!!? NO ONE!!!!

    its an absolute clinic in how to freak an instrumental!!! his hooks on this are some of his strongest, and i thought dre blacked out on these beats!!!! listen to this jawn on a good car setup, and itll blow ya mommas skirt up!!!!! its not as good as SSLP, its not as good as MMLP, but if you were expecting that you fucked yourself!!!!

    my 3 favorite tracks...

    3 am - gully shit, flow is retarded
    deja vu - amazing beat, dope hook, real shit
    medicine ball - he molests this beat!!! blacks out and the third verse with him impersonating chris reeves is an all time classic em moment!!!

    and the bonus track "my darling" shoulda been on the album, thats one of ems dopest songs in years in my opinion!!! if you havent heard it get on ya job!!!!

    relapse 2 is gonna be some ill shit, to me this was just em gettin his feet wet, remindin ppl he can spit just about anything and make it sound dope!!!

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    The more I listen to this album, the more I like it. Each time it gets better, minus a few songs this album is flawless.

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    FRESH FISH Klawful's Avatar
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    Crack a bottle is the worst song on the album.
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    Veteran Member Twiztid-Wutang's Avatar
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    01. Dr. West (Intro): Funny intro, His best in years. The responses that the counselor was saying was hilarious. 5/5

    02. 3 A.M.: Starts off the album just about the way it should. In the video hes in the psych ward, which makes the intro make much more sense. 5/5

    03. My Mom: This could have fit on Encore, and I dont say that in a bad way, since I liked all of Em's albums. The hook is kinda corny, but the beat is quality 4/5

    04. Insane: Lyrically its gross, rude and very slim shady-ish, which its why its one of my favorites. The beat is fucking classic dre. 5/5

    05. Bangpipes From Bagdadh: The infamous Mariah diss track. Not as scathing as Warning, but it is a great track. The beat is different for Em to rap over. But it works

    06. Hello: One of the weaker tracks of the album. I dont like shitting on Ems stuff since lyrically his wordplay is always amazing, but this song is always skipped 2/5

    07. Tonya (Skit) Just a skit, very Slim shady LP-ish 4/5

    08. Same Song & Dance: This beat sounds like it should be a poppy song, but, Trust me, Its not. Very stalker, and murderous vibes come from this. Kidnapping pop stars. Old school Em 4/5

    09. We Made You: Only good after the first 2-3 times, but then its just kinda loud and annoying. But once again his wordplay works well. 3/5

    10. Medicine Ball: ''I guess its time to hate me again'' The whole Christopher reeves thing is STILL hilarious. 4/5

    11. Paul (Skit) Funny as HELL, My fiance always gets a kick out of this one. 5/5

    12. Stay Wide Awake: Next to Underground, This is my favorite track off the album. His wordplay in the 2nd verse, No exaggeration is the most complex and best of his career, and most people dont even talk about this song 5/5 (Id give it a 10/5 if I could)

    13. Old Time's Sake [ft. Dr. Dre]: This could of fit on Eminem show, always great when they team up on a track 4/5

    14. Must Be The Ganja: I fucking hate this song. I cant get into it at all. But whatever. The beat is okay, not great. 2/5

    15. Mr. Mathers (Skit): Scary skit on how overdoses are. (Unrated)

    16. Deja Vu: This is a great song that has alot of emotion in it, I think even more than Beautiful, only since its about his addiction rather than just about the fame aspect being lonely 4/5

    17. Beautiful: Great usage of the Queen sample. His ''emotional'' song in the vein of Sing for the moment or When Im gone 5/5

    18. Crack A Bottle [ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent]: This song does NOT fit at all on this album, and he should've let 50 have it for BISD. 3/5

    19. Steve Berrman (Skit) The best Berman skit so far. Fucking hilarious 5/5

    20. Underground: This is without a doubt the best Eminem song in years. Lyrically its him at his ''Marshall mathers'' Lp height, Wordplay, controversial slurs, and just flat out the best rapper alive showing why he always will be 5/5

    This album gets shitted on constantly, but as a true fan I can care less what people feel when it comes to the negatives. I loved this album, It was on par with his best in my opinion.

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    Killer Bob claaa7's Avatar
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    i just dusted off this disc for the first time in a few months and GODDAMN this shit is hot as fuck. Em is a technical wiz on the mic, there's so many different flows on this album it ain't even funny, true definition of wordplay right here!!

    If you ask me Eminem works best with Dr. Dre behind the boards, you need to blast this in a nice system tho. Beats like "Medicine Ball", "My Mom", "Underground", "Deja Vu", etc. I'm pretty sure this is one of those albums that catches alot of hate cuz it's different at first but will be hailed as incredible 10 years from now.

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    I do not give a damn what critics, media, fans and Eminem himself says; this is a dope album. He just turned on it because of the negative reaction to it. He should have stood his ground instead of trash talking it. We finally got an entire Eminem project fully produced by Doctor Dre with the exception of one track and it come out dope. Minus a couple of puny tracks; this is an extraordinarily solid effort. If Proof were able to hear Relapse; I know that he would have loved it. I am contemplating copping Relapse:Refill. I would like to know if it is worth it or should I just adhere to the original release. Is it horror core like this?

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    Be Seeing You hashashin's Avatar
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    Same album with an extra 7 tracks, just check them on youtube if you haven't heard them and make your mind up. Apart from the forever track with drake & kanye it's very similar style to relapse.

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    Cool. If is stylistically resembles Relapse then I will definitely cop. I will wait for a used copy to show up at F.Y.E. though, they want twenty five dollars for Relapse:Refill new and I refuse to pay that amount for just seven songs when Interscope could have just as easily released them separately as an e.p. I will Youtube them for now though. Thank You for your help.

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