just a bored high freestyle

sipping a forty, just to spice up the party
fuck the enemy's, protect territory, oops, I'm tardy
challengers, one is one to many, peep this
cold veins, every puff puff killer, I freeze the spliff
fuck the rest, gotta get higher then the price of a chest
I admit, I pack a few extra pounds like Mike Vick the best
plus I'm holding the words close to the heart
who y'all joking fart, y'all chose the weakest part
move aside, I bring the heat like the electric slide
getting dealt with quick, kids just protecting his pride
I understand the facts, you winning just opinions
I hit it big, my eye's still spinning from the winnings
and if you think you survive the climax
you get jacked, stolen ya stash, then I give you daps
white flag, I ain't flashing my shit like a baby's diaper
I'd fuck you up but, my flows on the rise like a geyser