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Thread: The Bilderberg plans - Update

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    Default The Bilderberg plans - Update

    This is the evil plan of the Illuminati and as half-truth projected in the "fictious" slideshow story BlackJack21 at Telegraph.co.uk


    Daniel Estulin warned that Bilderberg will attempt to link DeClan Ganley, leader of Ireland's Libertas Anti-Lisbon Treaty movement, with U.S military arms dealer and American militia movement funding. The Bilderbergs want to discredit Ganley to get the Bilderberg's Lisbon Treaty passed. The Treaty will complete the EU with ONE constitution. Bilderberg wants the EU with ONE curency, ONE government, and ONE constitution. This way the Bilderbergs can centralize the EU to control the EU.

    4 suspects are charged with plotting to bomb New York. Only 3 have appeared in court. The 4th is SUPPOSEDLY getting medical attention, and then will appear in court. CNN did "news" on the 4 suspects. Everyone should know that CNN is controlled by the CIA.

    Daniel Estulin warned about connecting Ganley to U.S arms dealers and American militia with funding. First clip I show is the interview of Daniel Estuling. Second, Third, and Fourth clip are CCN's "news" video on the 4 suspect that plotted to bomb NY.

    Keep in mind these from the Daniel Estulin interview:

    Ireland (who voted "NO" that stopped the EU constitution, now called the Libson Treaty) stinger missile (only the U.S military possess these) U.S military American militia (aka self-contained homegrown group) constant claims of Anti-semitism by CNN

    Is it a coincidence that news on this terrorist plot happens only a week after the Bilderberg meeting in Greece? Is it a coincidence that DHS sec. Janet Napolitano gets grilled for the MIAC report, and this terrorist plot happens to justify "extremist" in the MIAC report? Is it a coincidence that Iran finished rocket testing that can reach Israel, and this terrorist plot happens to justify an attack on Iran, because Israel is fearfull of the rocket?

    This terrorist plot is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE TO HAPPEN when Bilderberg, DHS, and Israel can profit from the terrorist plot.....just like 9/11 helped them out.

    Another thing that bothers me is.....The FBI said that the FBI was working on this case for 12 months. According to the Patriot Act, the FBI could have arrested the 4 guys AT ANY TIME, but instead the FBI gave the 4 guys inert C4 explosive and stinger missile. Then, let the 4 guys plant the explosives at 2 NY synagogue. Remember not too long age the 16 yr old arrested under Patriot Act for making a bomb threat? The 16 yr old was immediately arrested with NO PROOF, NO BOMB MAKING MATERIAL, or anything of substance. BUT, these 4 guys were followed for one year, and could have been arrested just for asking for C4 and a stinger missile. How can you NOT say that THIS WAS A TOTAL SET-UP?

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    Thanks for this.

    I've heard of the Irelanders fighting for their sovereignty on a youtube vid. They don't wanna be part of the NWO and were urged by people to not join.

    Good for them.

    I hope the plan to get them to join fails.

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