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Thread: Wu - Tang Chamber Music

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    He's absolutely right about one thing, people on here would rather read a retarded two sentence simplified description than get any real insight or articulation...and as I'm writing this I realize the same people I'm talking about are looking up the word articulation in the online dictionary.

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    I heard nothing about this before it dropped, as i was also banned from here, didn't have the opportunity to check it out.

    So i was surprised when i randomly saw in a blog that Wu Tang were releasing another album, and i downloaded it without reading anything about it (whether it was a Clan album or a compilation etc.)

    Was very pleasantly surprised.

    The numerous skits don't detract from the album for me.

    An album of only 8 really good tracks, is always going to be far superior to an album of 22 decent track, to me at least.

    I really enjoy the overall sound of the album, and contrary to what someone else said, i think there is a decent amount of sonic variation while maintaining a high level of quality.

    I Wish You Were Here could have easily have been turned into a corny and cheesy quasi RnB track much like the majority of Ghosts' previous attempts, but the understated and soulful beat coalesces perfectly with both Tre Williams and Ghosts' vocals. It's a testament to the production on this album that i enjoy this track, as generally i have found the greater Wu Tang Clan attempts at similar track dull, over blown and over cooked.

    Hard To Kill
    is a great opener, after hearing 8D i was a bit concerned that Deck had lost the dynamism that made all of his previous Wu appearances stand out. However, he rhymes on on Chamber Music and OB4CL2 demonstrates a return to form and an over shadowing of any other mc's featured on those albums. Hearing Masta Ace on a beat like this is a pleasure.

    After reading most of the reviews here, it seems like most people don't think much of
    Harbor Masters, but it's probably my favourite track on the album. I think it's an exemplar of the benefits of employing live instruments correctly. It has complex subtlety and a funk which i haven't heard on a Wu record for years. Radiant Jewels is less impressive, but is still a good track in it's own right, the strings almost sound over the top but are just controlled enough. The live bass line is buttery, and Sean Price kills it. Evil Deeds is a similar track, not amazing, but still a pleasant listen. The beat is a little over the top and repetitive for my liking, but the ending is nice.

    Ill Figures is one of the best Wu tracks i've heard this decade. Hearing the bass on this through my 70s speakers which make anything sound bass laden, knocked my head off. This kind of downbeat but subtly funky production is the kind of shit i want to hear Wu rhyming over. One of my complaints about OB4CL2 is that a lot of the production is over complicated and as a result comes out superficially sounded ok, but at the same time as almost a jumble of sounds randomly layered. G Rap's verse is short but sweet.

    Sound The Horns is probably my least favourite track, because it's sonically too familiar, but i still enjoy it a lot. Sadat X drops probably the only verse on the album i'm not keen on, but he's not terrible. U-God's performance on the entire album makes be interesting in checking out Dopium, not withstanding the mixed reviews. NYC Crack is a great conclusion to the album, again an intelligently constructed beat. There are only 5 or 6 elements, but they complement each other brilliantly and meld together to form a cohesive and dense sonic experience. RZA, in a similar vein to Deck, has sounded tired to me on 8D, but here he rhymes almost as well as he ever has.

    Ok, so most people won't really consider this a 'real album'. Personally, i couldn't give a shit what it is/what it is meant to be. Because it's my favourite release by the clan this decade (yes, better than The W). I understand why a lot of fans might not enjoy it, but on a personal level it fulfills my criteria for a great record.

    There are too many skits, i would have preferred if it was 11 tracks long, with only a few skits. However, i don't think they really detract from the listening experience to any discernible degree. The full length tracks more than make up for it.

    Nothing about the album is 'hard', yet the drums and beats still hit more than much of OB4CL2 in my opinion. There's a dusty crispness to the beats which i really appreciate, and the many times i've blazed listening to the record reinforcing how much i enjoy the production on this album.

    To conclude, this is the kind of Wu record which i want to hear coming out, not an attempted emulation of previously released classics, but something that builds upon those releases.

    What i rate it is largely irrelevant, quantifying how much a like this is difficult. Since i gave albums like 8D and OB4CL2 scores of 8/10 and 7/10 respectively, this has to be at least higher than those.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
    16.NYC Crack (Featuring Thea)
    This is an ok track, judging by this track I wouldn't buy another Rza solo, there's nothing really special about this track and Thea is on it sounding horrible as ususal. Beat sounds grimey which is the best part. 3.5/5
    Ah, the irony of Hollow Dartz being a nit-picking hypocrite is off the chart! This is exactly the kind of shit you have been bitching about endlessly with CL2.

    Posts by The Hound are signed TH.

    Quoting ≠ Agreement.

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    Sean: nice review, agreed on the "dusty crispness", and while i still have issues with the length and the attempted deception/padding of the track listing, the album has grown on me alot...playing it with the bass turned up to eurhythmia levels helps alot...i think if the skits were just tacked onto the songs like 'good old days', they wouldn't seem so excessive and would actually fulfill their stated function, which is to give the album continuity...i would rate it a 7, needs about 4-6 more songs, more clan members,more than 3 mcs at most on tracks...if they spent more time on it,it could've been classic.

    also,there's no songs on it that make me go nuts, it's merely a collection of adequate-good songs, there needed to be some bangers, spine-tinglers, goose bump moments...as well as songs with actual topics in addition to the "mc wizardry".

    oh man, i'm nitpicking...i'm a backpacking nerd stuck in the 90s i guess.
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    Yeah, i think the fact i knew nothing about it promotion wise and didn't read anything about it on here, made me more appreciative of it.

    I usually just uncheck the skits in my itunes and listen to it as a 8 track album.

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    I'm loving this album, just hate the annoying RZA skits where he talks pointless crap. It's got a great selection of beats and rhymes for sure, the guest spots are awesome, but why are there so many when the Clan is strong enough? Anyone else think that if you took the very best 8 Diagram songs and put it with these 8 songs you'd get a brilliant Wu record? That's what I've done on my iPod, shit is wicked!

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    True dope shit, best wu related album of the year. Rza did the same job, he did for supreme clientele, maybe a clue for his future work. I really like this album I am not an "easy lover".

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    Superior album. Wish it didn't have skits though. But I deleted them from my iPod, so problem solved!

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    ^ you gotta love rza's laugh on the outro though.

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    Album is cool but defenitely not a classic. It's awesome to throw on when you're trying to lay back and relax... if you want to get hyped look elsewhere.

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    I heard Chamber Music last week for the first time and it sucks. I was very disappointed but there's some good guest appearances on there.

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    Chamber Music dropped ten years ago today. Great little compilation album..

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