In the thread title:

Type of trade: For Sale = FS, For Trade = FT. If you are Selling OR trading FS/T.

In the thread itself:

Payment Terms: Although Paypal is a popular, and relatively secure/usable service, not everyone supports it's use. Please leave your terms of payment so there is no confusion or questions. Having all the information up front could mean the difference between a sale and a buyer backing out. Common payment terms include: Cashier's Check, Cash On Delivery (COD), Money Order (Postal, or otherwise), Paypal (include whether or not you accept credit card paypal), Cash.

Delivery options: Please list your preferred method of shipment. USPS Priority is a good one, for sellers that are new. Fedex, UPS, DHL, and method are all options. Local Pick up is also an option that users may like. Shipping items internationally can be trickier and could end up costing one party more fees than the selling product is worth.

Condition of goods: A rated condition.

Pictures: Obviously, you can only describe so much in words, pictures are a great addition to a thread.

Asking Price: This will make selling easier.

Interested in an Item

There shouldn't be any replies to a seller's thread unless it is a question. If you are interested in the item, PM or e-mail the seller with an offer.

Please do NOT shout (i.e. write in all CAPS). This is annoying. 'Nuff said.

Please do NOT "crap" on another user's thread. If you don't like the price, or find something outrageous, just leave the thread alone.