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Thread: Lookin for some wu music

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    Default Lookin for some wu music

    lookin for some CDs
    LA The Darkman - Heist Of The Century
    Method Man & Redman - How High Single (Not The OST)
    Method Man - I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By (Single)
    The Purple tape cassette
    inspectah deck - resident patient
    methematics - the problem
    GZA -words from the Genius
    masta killa - no said date
    gravediggaz - 6 feet deep
    GZA & DJ Muggs - grandmaster
    also a wu tang controller

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    I got most of those cds send me a PM and we can work something out. I havent been online in a while so my inbox was full and i couldnt recieve any new msgs.

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