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Thread: "American" or Hispanic...?

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    Also, I think the Spanish conquerers would have been pretty white.

    This is how it went.

    Spain were Euros....they got invaded by the Moors and were Muslim for like 600 years. After wards power went back to christians....I think it was with a christian king and queen working with the Roman empire. THEN they went out and conquered.....

    So you would assume the Moors weren't to favoured when power shifted back. I actually have read two thick ass books on this subject and the Christians oppressed the Moors when it shifted back. Because the Moors were educated they made laws were Moors couldn't run businesses or do taxes etc for themselves but could for the Spanish.

    The Moorish influence in Spain left the populace just mixed. Most spanish men (men being darker than women) have brown hair (80%). Not black hair...and alot of spaniards are blondes with blue eyes too...there is also Jewish influence in there somewhere. My mum has black hair, white skin and blue eyes. Her TWIN brother looks like an Arab with dark skin, THICK black hair, and black (dark as brown gets) eyes and a huge arab nose.

    My point is yes, Moors invaded spain, no spanish people are not Moors nowadays. They have some of their influence, about as much as italians with their dark blood.

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    ^^^ True.

    We are already dead, and are replaying our lives at the judgment.


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