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    Quote Originally Posted by angry! View Post
    do me a favor... and take the dick out of your ass before you respond to me on some butt hurt homo shit!!!!!!!!!!!

    where did i say muggs did half the album genius?!?!!??!!?

    i said b-real produced half the album... and thats a fuckin problem!!!!!!!!!!!

    i caught on to cypress back when video music box was poppin, and not only do i think rise up sucks... but its a pathetic reach from one of my favorite groups of all time!!!!!!!!!!

    and alchemist didnt produce shit on the new cypress record, i actually bought it, and can refer to the liner notes if you like you cock straddling ass jockey!!!!!!!!!!!!

    b-real took control of that album... and the shit has scanned less than 50,000 units, and every long time cypress fan i know in real life was disappointed by it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the muggs and khalil tracks far and beyond the illest shit on the record, dont let me crash your party you dusty lame, youre free to enjoy your cheesy b-real productions that sound like leftovers from his frisbee solo album!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you gotta be pushin 40, and youre a sensitive genital... go buy some ammo and a gat, and maybe you can skip that scheduled hearing test!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuckin LAME... SMH... you have an opinion, i have an opinion, difference is, i dont wear lace panties, and my undies dont twist if you say somethin i dont like!!!!!!!!!!

    eat shit son... im sure muggs just loves the direction they took... im being sarcastiuc there you square, dont respond, just log off and kill yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHA man you're one crazy mother fucker!

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    I said it before and I'll say it again.

    This is going to be the best album in the DJ Muggs Vs. series.

    Yes, all of the Vs. albums up to date have been amazing, but this shit is like the Apocalypse on wax.

    This is the next best thing if not better than another ILL BILL album produced entirely by Necro or an NP reunion album.

    The guest feautre list is dope, alot of standard fare, but seeing sean Price & OC on that list made me cum all over the place.

    This is my most anticipated album of the year, BAR NONE!

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