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Thread: Eminem X Just Blaze X SLAUGHTERHOUSE...

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    ^Couldn't have said it better myself...

    And even still, I think all of these guys could've done better (especially JB and Em) but again it's still the best song on the album BY FAR...

    It's the only track I heard that made me say, "Play that again..."

    And Claa, record companies dont care about "hip-hop heads" and they haven't for quite some time... If it's not appealing to young white girls, they're not going to promote it...

    That's why honestly I dont even care about studio albums anymore... It's all about mixtapes and leaked singles on the net...

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    record companies dont care about "hip-hop heads"
    lol what else is new?
    still Eminem is an individual human being and he is the best selling rapper of all time, so if he really, really would have wanted to take it somewhere i think they would allow him to some extent at least. he really has became an industry pup thol

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    Quote Originally Posted by claaa7 View Post
    he really has became an industry pup thol
    So true. I don't think the old Eminem would've been allowed in the same room as Rihanna or Pink, let alone do songs with them. And, if he had, he probably would've flipped things a little bit, rather than going with such a generic set of songs.

    And why is this bonus cut the only Just Blaze beat on the LP that bangs?? Are we gonna have to wait for Act 2 to drop to hear some dope Just Blaze? That would suck, as the release date is currently the 41st of Neveruary, the day after the sun explodes.

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