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Seems like people found out that some of the tracks on the new GZA album Legend Of The Liquid Swords are edited. This is true; I contacted MCA and asked them to clear this up. Apparently a real explicit version doesn't exist. Here are the reasons:

#1 - Originally GZA wanted the album to have NO parental sticker (see lyrics to Knock, Knock - "Slang kicker with NO parental sticker")
#2 - While he didn't want the sticker he had to get a sticker at the last minute anyway because the lyrics to Luminal had to be stickered due to content (Serial killer violence)
#3 - MCA only were delivered the edited versions of Fam (Members Only) & Rough Cut
#4 - There are only 2 songs that are edited. Ghost is saying "bitches" in Silent and there were "niggas" throughout the stickered retail album. So not the whole album is edited....just confusing since there are 2 songs that are
#5 - GZA NEVER said the word FUCK in Knock Knock. He edited himself by not saying the word when he did the hook
#6 - The only songs with actual edits are Fam (Members Only) & Rough Cut and those were the only versions MCA had and notice only the guest artists cursed, never GZA

Don't try to search for the explicit versions of Fam & Rough Cut on the internet because they simply don't exist outside the studio reels.

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