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Bulletproof Wallets Drama Pt. 2 - 2003-01-04 11:21:37

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On an UK based radio station, Choice FM, Ghostface Killah went on about his previous label Epic/Sony. Apparently Sony made him do about three radio songs and then Sony promised him two to three million. Ghost said that God saved him and that he’s on the right team right now. After that he criticized Sony’s marketing division saying they promised him multi-platinum status but in fact Bulletproof Wallets didn’t even go gold.

After talking about Sony for a moment he talked about almost everyone in the game bit his style. From the way he dresses, his wallabies, robes, jewellery and musically too. Then he went on talking about Jay-Z’s Blueprint was heavily influenced by Ghost himself. As an example he named the songs Song Cry and Girls, Girls, Girls. More and more people are biting the Wu these days he said. He’s going back into the kitchen to bake something special and he promised to take the crown back.

Then he went on talking about the current state of rap. According to him it’s dead right now, he thinks that he knows rap better than anyone. Right now he’s only feeling two MC’s and these are GZA and Nas. He also mentioned RZA and Raekwon among other Wu brothers like Superb. He went on to say how he and Nas are very similar.

The last thing he talked about was his album. He’s going to re-record Gorilla Hood because he felt he let the beat get away too much and he felt he could have killed it more. There are some tracks recorded already but Ghost is still at the stages of listening to beats. He did promise everybody to bring something new this time. Other than family and singers the only person he would like to have on the album would be Nas but he isn’t sure yet. He wants to make this album like a house, with the skits being the roof.

The latest the album will drop would be May this year, the earliest would be March this year. After this album Ghostface is putting beats aside for him and Raekwon. He would like to see a Wu album too, even if he has to be the one to make it all happen.

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