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[wimg=left]../images/news/02_10_11_raekwon.jpg[/wimg]GZA and Raekwon were on the Star & Bucwild show (a morning show on NYC’s #1 HipHop & R&B radio station, Hot 97). Both of them had interesting things to say, I’ll include the interesting facts in this news update.

The Wu-Tang Clan as a group is still a free agent, which means they have no deal with a record label. Currently they are shopping around but right now they are keeping an eye open on Steve Rifkind (previous owner of Loud Records) who’s setting up a new label called SRC Records. SRC Records was officially launched in December 2002 but the doors were officially open on January 6. They have a distribution deal with Universal Records. Currently the label has signed rappers Ricochet from Detroit, Michigan and Grand Daddy Souf from Orlando, Florida. The first release from SRC will drop March 25.

Hot 97 played a couple of new Raekwon joints from his upcoming album, tentatively titled R.A.G.U. (Raekwon And Ghost United). These tracks were The Smith Brothers (which is in our audio section labeled as My Niggas) and the track Ice Water (which features Trife from TMF). Star & Bucwild also played a track called Uncle which probably won’t make his album according to Raekwon himself.

Right now Raekwon is also a free agent. In the past he was signed to Loud Records. He’s still trying to work something out with Aaron Spelling. He will also appear in the NBC series Kingpin. There he will be playing the role of a McDonald’s employee where he will be slinging dope out of the Drive-Thru window. Raekwon will also be shooting a new movie in March called Coalition.

The murderer of American Cream Team member Chip Banks got sentenced to 25 years of jail time. Chip Banks got killed in the year 2000, he was only 30 years young.

Speaking of American Cream Team: Raekwon just started a new group called Ice Water, Inc. This is probably a revamped version of American Cream Team but it might be a whole new group. No information about who the members are yet.

Method Man’s long awaited third Def Jam studio album will be called Tical 3: The Prequel. He’s recording in the Bad Boy studios together with a production team that consists of RZA, Nottz, Megahurtz, Just Blaze, No ID. So far confirmed track names are: Uh Huhh (produced by Nottz), The Turn (produced by RZA) and The Thing (produced by RZA). Rumoured guests are Redman, Ludacris, Ghostface Killah and RZA, but there might be more guests.

Last but not least: Ol’ Dirty Bastard is still in jail but according to Raekwon everything is going good and he will be out very soon. Sounds good!

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