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RZA: Story To Tell - 2003-02-10 11:34:38

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[wimg=left]../images/news/03_02_10_rza.jpg[/wimg]RZA has got a story to tell. The architect recalls how a trip to the motherland taught him a degree of humility:

"Ghostface Killah went to West Africa a couple of weeks ahead of me to get medicine for a condition he had -- diabetes. He was looking for some Wu-tonics. We met in Benin and when I saw him he was dressed in African garb, looking like Abraham. It was like I seen a lost brother. We were there for three weeks. We stayed in a village and some days we stayed in hotels. Me and Ghost were just building. We had brought some books and martial arts stuff.

The vibe out there on one level is super-oppression, but on an internal level it was like super-freedom and oxygen. In the village, they had no real water supply, so a pot of water is basically what we used to wash up with, and ain't no bathroom -- they build up some bricks and cut a hole in a can to get some of that sprinkling-water shit going on. I now understand when Africans move into my 'hood and are cool with their apartments. If niggas in the projects (in America) went over there they would love the projects, because here, we have water and a toilet.

We went to this place called the Port of No Return. It was the last port that the slaves had seen before they headed over to the New World. You would think that would be a real vengeful place, but this white lady came by on her bike and she looked safer than she would be in Brooklyn. That's how peaceful the people are.

When we came back from Africa, Isaac Hayes was going out there to build a school and the first thing we did was invest money in that because knowledge should be free. There is definitely a struggle in the projects but there is also a struggle going on continously around the world. People in America do have a different opportunity than you can ever imagine. This is Disney World. People need to wake up and realize that the opportunities here are right in front of your face."

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