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Yes! Finally, we’re back in business! Sorry that it took so long but as you can see there was a lot of work to be done. The site looks completely different from what it was. Not only the looks have been changed though as you probably already noticed. You might have to get used to it a little but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Before you go ahead and try new stuff on the website I should warn you because not everything is finished. For instance the private messaging system is de-activated for now. It needs some work and I couldn’t finish it on time before September 15th. Otherwise I would have to push back the launch date and I know how you all feel about dates being pushed back ;)

Well, that’s probably the main thing that doesn’t work right now. There might be some bugs in the system. If you think you found one then please report it to me so I can fix it immediately.

If you need help with the new sections then look at the FAQ first. If you can’t find the answer to your question then don’t hesitate to ask me. And now on to... the good stuff. What has been changed?

As you can see, we now have a news section. Not ‘just’ a news section, no! It’s interactive, which means that you can comment on a specific news item. You can compare it to a forum, on a forum you reply to a post you see. The same thing goes for the news items; you just leave a comment like you would in a forum. Remember to comment on-topic. The comments will also be moderated just like in the forum by the moderators and the administrators. They can delete and edit your comment. You can edit your own comments too. Signatures won’t be displayed when you leave a comment, however you will still see avatars.

Another section that’s interactive is the interview section. No these interviews are not our own, they are from different websites and magazines. You can comment on an interview just like you can comment on news items. Next to the specific interview there will be a source link & name, which means that you can view the original interview.

Of course we haven’t left of our extensive discography. In fact it stayed the same, well not exactly. We’ve improved it, it’s now searchable! In fact, the whole site is practically searchable: the news, the interviews, the forum, the discography & the artist. We’ve also added two new things to the discography: The production list & the gold & platinum awards list. Basically that means that you can find out what tracks a producer has made. The gold & platinum awards page speaks for it’s self I guess.

We also have an upcoming releases page, not one with tons of releases that won’t ever come out. No! Every release date has to be confirmed by the label or by the artist him/herself.

Anyway I won’t keep you up much longer. I hope you will enjoy the website and that you are going to use it a lot, because that’s what it’s for :)

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