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[wimg=left]../images/news/02_09_18_gza.jpg[/wimg]You won't hear 10-year-old Justice Kareem, aka Assassin, rapping just yet on his father GZA's fourth solo album, "Legend of a Liquid Sword." But the budding young lyricist will still appear on every three or four tracks of the new album, which is due out in December on MCA. "When you listen to 'Liquid Swords,' it's a narrative history and it's narrated by my son," Gza explained. "So it's more like him telling my story. Basically, it's more like a bio and it's just my early days being involved in hip hop, you know, how it started with me. It's things of that nature and just giving my background- followed by bangin' songs."

GZA, who has been working on his follow up to 1999's gold selling "Beneath the Surface" LP since May, described his fourthcoming album as being tight conceptual wise with "real tight lyrics, as usual." Arabian Knight will produce four tracks on the new album, while Bink and J[/b] will each produce two. Adding one track a piece are RZA, GZA, Jaz-O, Mathematics and Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs. "Muggs is my people right there. I love working with Muggs. We've worked a couple of times. I've worked on a couple compilations of his. I directed that video from the first Soul Assassins compilation. He loves Wu-Tang. He's close to RZA, as well as myself. I Plan to do a whole lotmore in the future with Muggs."

As far as guest rappers, GZA is sticking with his fellow Wu-Tang Clan members. He already done a track with Inspectah Deck and said RZA, Masta Killa, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon are all likely to appear on the album. "I just left the beats there for my borthers to get on and do something," GZA said. "We are all very busy. It's just a matter of linking up. My whole family's always been supportive to each other. I Always reach out for my brothers when I do an album. That's an element that's needed. I'm not saying that I can't accomplish that without them, because I can. But the fans expect to hear your brothers on the track too and they expect you to hold your own weight. We might get together and we can really create something."

GZA holds down the Arabian Knight produced track "Fame", which hit radio and record stores earlier this year as a single. Another track. "Sparring Minds" with Inspecta Deck, is about"sharpneing out swords," GZA said. The pharse sparring minds is derived from something different however. "That's usually when we play chess," he explained "we call that sparring minds, where the minds spar. I've played Deck a couple of times, but Deck is not one of the Clan members I play often. I play Jamel Irief that's Masta Killa. Me and him spar alot. myself and RZA. Streetlife a couple of times and Arabian Knight most of the time. I love to play chess. It's just fascinating, you know. I'm at a stage where I actually was reading and studying about it. I've been doing a little research and it's really fascinating. All that I do know is still a small amount compared to what I'm tapping into now."

GZA's fourth album is supposed to come out December 3rd this year on MCA Records.

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