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Cilvaringz: Wu-Tang Report - 2003-04-18 16:13:04

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Peace to all,
Just got back from 6 weeks of touring. First of all thanks to everybody that came through. Much love to Milan for coming through with 7300 people... Most love goes out to the illest crowd of Sofia, Bulgaria with 6000 jumping, crying and screaming people. Peace to Zagreb who came through with 3000 people, Budapest 2000 and all the others. We had 17 sold out shows, Wu-Tang still going strong into battles, still loved by many!

I got to spend a lot of time with both RZA and Masta Killa and we got to know each other more which allowed me to go deeper into stuff I and all of us wanted to know. Spoke about many things, cleared many things up, updated the knowledge about Wu-Tang's history. Being a die hard fan myself I decided to update yall on some shit I got to know about on tour.

Wu-Tang Clan, it used to be All In Together Now (RZA, GZA & ODB) + Five Deadly Venoms (Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, U-God). U-God & Method Man were room mates. Ghostface & RZA were childhood friends. Masta Killa was never really into emceeing. He used to hang with GZA who introduced him to RZA. The day they recorded Protect Ya Neck, Masta Killa was asked by GZA to come through to which Masta Killa answered: "Hell nah, yall go and do yall thing"... When GZA brought the tape back to Masta the day after, Masta was impressed and decided to come through and drop a verse. The rest is history... Masta Killa became the 9th and final member of the Clan. For all those who think all is peace & happiness in the Clan at all times, think twice. There have been many fights among the brothers. For example, recently U-God and Rae went at each other about who got the illest albums. Rae dissed Goldenarms Redemption, and U-God told Rae Cuban Linx was dope only because Ghost was on it. But in the end all falls back in place, but there have been physical fights. The most recent one lasted 7 hours between Rae and U-God about which album was whacker, Goldenarms Redemption or Immobiliarity.

The Cure has some of the deepest lyrics I ever heard in life. Some tracks include: "Mozes" "Knowledge Wisdom Understanding" "99 Attributes Of Allah" and one about RZA being a sperm cell going through violent battles to fertilize the egg. RZA has recorded 2 songs with Bono (U2), 8 with Dido (Dido told RZA she wrote her entire first album listening to 36 Chambers & Cuban Linx), 7 with Isaac Hayes, 1 with Sean Lennon (son of John Lennon - Beatles), 11 with Rage Against The Machine, 3 with Bjork. Ever wondered what other producers think of RZA? The Neptunes walked up to RZA, each grabbed his hands and kissed them, their look was enough to express their respect. Dr. Dre told RZA that he was the absolute master in the rap game. Muggs told RZA nobody else but himself would ever produce on Cypress Hill albums but RZA because he respected him so much. In '97 when Wu-Tang Clan was at it's highest peak, RZA was approached by Quincy Jones who came to his photo shoot to show his respect. Premier and RZA used to battle each other with beats, after that Primo picked up RZA's sample-chop style and paid his respects to RZA numerous times. Right before the tour RZA was approached by Fine Young Cannibals and recorded a track with them, they later said they were some of the biggest Wu-Tang fans alive. Other unexpected Wu-Tang die hard fans include: Ethan Hawk & Uma Thurman, System Of A Down (Who still chill with RZA many times), Ozzy Osbourne and wife, Quentin Tarantino, Bokeem Woodbine, Bill Gates' family, the entire Wayans family, Bjork, U2, Naomi Campbell, Isaac Hayes and many many others.

The new Wu-Tang Clan LP will most likely be the very last one and will come with a Wu-Tang manual including all the lyrics of all their albums and DVD including footage of the recording of Enter The 36 Chambers: "Imma show you how we looked back then, we looked like real crack heads!" The title will be what RZA always wanted it to be: "The Eighth Diagrams". It will most likely be a box set, a collectors item including unreleased songs and the biggest hits. The price could rise up to $50.

4th Disciple is RZA's favorite producer inside the Wu-Tang camp. 'Protect Ya Neck II The Zoo' was actually a song off Cuban Linx, it was recorded by Raekwon & Ghostface Killah and later re-recorded by Ol' Dirty and Brooklyn Zoo. For the producers under us, 'Guillotine' and 'Wildflower' did not contain any samples, it was all played. RZA lost 130 beats in the flood. They were beats for Deck's LP, Meth's and Raekwon's LP... Recently Deck pulled out some disks from the flood and they worked again and he used 1 for his upcoming album on Koch.

In Mannheim I recorded 3 more tracks with RZA of which 2 were produced by Moongod Allah and 1 by 4th Disciple. RZA also produced 1 song for Duplex (Ganz & Cilvaringz Dutch album)... Barrakjudah, Sayyid Imad Al Din (aka Kevlaar), Bronze Nazareth & Cilvaringz each got 1 beat produced on Digi Snacks. Other songs that might wind up on there are "Whistle" , "Grits" , "We" , "Radio" and "Skitzko" ... If you ever wondered who is was taking a shower in the beginning on 'Black Shampoo' on Wu-Tang Forever.. that was Tekitha & Dom Pachino...

Since Wu-Tang has been unsigned, they have had offers from Dr. Dre and Aftermath, Interscope Records, P.Diddy and Bad Boy Records and Def Jam among others... No deal has been made yet though.

Now.. as far as my project is concerned. I recorded some new songs for my LP with RZA and hope to get Masta Killa and GZA when they out here. We are planning to do a double album: one CD with songs and the other CD with an enhanced part (which is in the works already and will contain all the lyrics, photo's, thank you's, explanation of the songs, info about Ringz & Partners Entertainment and other stuff) and DVD which will have a summary of the RZA/Cilvaringz tour and the first Wu-Tang Killa Beez tour, lots of funny stuff, behind the scene, in the studio etc etc... that's why I'm still taking my time a little you know... get all this done correctly, then in November we will start shopping to labels for many regions in Europe, America, Asia and Australia... all in all it's gonna be worth the wait and worth the money... that's one thing I promise to all who are waiting for my shit... The singles will each contain unreleased songs such as 'City Limits feat. Killarmy & Royal Fam' .. 'Energy feat. Beretta 9, 4th Disciple and Bronze Nazareth' and 'Razasharp'... Also, the song 'Brothers Ain't Brothers' will be added, 'Fuck Americcca' as well and 'Sheherazad, My Beloved' plus many skits featuring RZA and myself... A skit regarding Remedy by RZA will be on 'Brothers Ain't Brothers'... the album is still untitled!

That's it for now... I'll probably remember more later.

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