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[wimg=left]../images/news/02_09_25_redmeth.jpg[/wimg]We had already informed you about the new Method Man & Redman movie called Ghetto, Inc a few days ago. Now MTV released more information about this upcoming movie and about some other projects Method Man & Redman are working on.

They inked a deal with Paramount Pictures and MTV Films to star in a yet-to-be-titled film that will find the MCs with the tattooed arms joining the armed forces.

"They're going to the military and get sent on a special mission," said James Ellis, one of the film's producers and Redman's manager. Brian Posehn, who wrote for Red and Meth's film debut, How High, has been tapped to pen the movie's script, and Ellis said he hopes to ramp up production in mid-2003.

Before we see them throw down for Uncle Sam, Ellis said the lyrically lacerating duo will be on the big screen in a more familiar element as a couple of guys using rap to stack chips in Ghetto, Inc. The two will portray undercover DEA agents in another untitled movie that Donald Scott is currently writing.

"I think it's a race to the finish between that and the Ghetto, Inc. film," Ellis said about which movie would hit theaters first, "but the untitled DEA project is slated to be the first one. No directors have been named but that one is a joint production between Jersey Films and Native Pictures, the same people who produced How High. "

Ellis said ever since How High hit theaters, he's been fielding calls from all over Hollywood.

"It's like nonstop from people who wanna do low-budget stuff with them, and now people are talking about doing sitcom ideas with them," Ellis explained. "Before How High, [Red and Meth] were a little apprehensive about doing [TV], but now they're talking about doing it, but not in a traditional way. Kinda bringing a twist to it."

The duo have not forgotten about twisting words over murky beats, however — they are both working on solo albums. Ellis disclosed that the next Redman album is probably going to come out in late February or early March, with Method Man's album right behind it.
Written by MTV

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