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More news snippets - 2003-05-01 15:52:45

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For those who want to see RZA doing freestyles for French hiphop radio station Planete Rap check this link. The webpage also has a link to photos taken during that day.

Just to let all Spanish people know, GZA and his crew, consisting of Dreddy Kruger, Masta Killah, Mathematics and Armel, will also be performing in Barcelona and Madrid. Check the dates:

Friday, May 23 2003, Sala Makumba, Madrid
Saturday, May 24 2003, Venue to be confirmed, Barcelona

Also, a new Hell Razah song has appeared on the internet, entitled Rebel Music. You can check it out by clicking here. It's not known on what album this one will end up, probably Hell's upcoming? Production for this song was done by Get Large.

We also have an interview True Born conducted with Allah Real. He did the additional vocals on the hook of the new GFK song "Holla/I Love you":

Sincere:I first heard the powerful and unforgettable voice of Real in 98. I was searching on the Wu Fam HQ website for rare tracks to listen to. There I stumbled upon, ‘What’s up’, a track from the forthcoming Poppa Wu LP. After listening to the first few bars I immediately hooked up the headphone socket of my PC with my system and pressed play and record. When the Poppa Wu LP finally emerged without ‘what’s up’ I was thoroughly disappointed and to make matters worse I didn’t even know who the vocalist was. It wasn’t until 2000/2001 when I received Show & Prove videos from Rasheen Universal (Brooklyn) that I was to hear ‘what’s up’ again. I strived to get in contact with Poppa Wu but to no avail. After finding out the artists name I posted a request for contact info on an email list. Jamel Freedom came to my aid with Real’s number.

Sincere: How long have you been singing?
Real: For about 25 years

Sincere: What’s the first record you remember buying?
Real: I remember buying, ah man that was way back. I think the first record I remember buying Delphonics ‘The Love I gave.’

Sincere: Your songs have an original vibe, what is your inspiration to write songs?
Real: Life experiences, my life experiences are very inspirational that makes me write songs depending on how the music strikes me.

Sincere: I understand that you are a native New Yorker, which Borough do you hail from?
Real: I'm originally from Queens, Queens New York.

Sincere: How long have you been performing at Show & Prove?
Real: I been performing at Show & Prove since 77 78

Sincere: What artists do you listen to?
Real: I listen to quite a few. I like the old school artists Delphonics, Blue Magic, Stylistics, The Moments, I like to listen to Teddy Pendergrass, Blue Notes, Black Ivory I like to listen to all old school.

Sincere: How did you meet Poppa Wu?
Real: Well he’s been my brother I known Poppa Wu for at least 30 years I know him we like basically grew up together. He’s a good brother man you know he’s more than just a friend he’s one of my real brothers and I'm glad he’s my brother.

Sincere: What’s the story behind what’s up?
Real: It’s about a woman a scenario that every body done went through they went through they had an argument with their woman and then they go out somewhere now when they had the argument they settled it they squashed it but when they went somewhere the woman started acting funny so that’s what inspired me to write it. You know they say what’s up so everybody could identify. Cos she went somewhere and then she had an attitude and then you’re like what’s up, what’s going on you know you’re not the same person that you used to be? You said that everything was cool now you acting funny again what’s going on? And that’s basically what the song is asking.

Sincere: When are we to expect some material from Real?
Real: Well hopefully sometime before 2004 is out.

Sincere: Are there any upcoming projects that you’ll feature on?
Real: I got Show & Prove. I did an album, I did some songs with Masta Killah, I got with another artist that got; Suga Bang Bang, couple of songs with him, a couple of songs with Ghost, and I did a compilation album with some material with Allah Mathematics from Wu Tang, the DJ. He’s coming out with an album called Love Hell or Right, it’s supposed to come out basically some time between May or June

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