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[wimg=left]../images/news/03_05_06_inspectahdeck.jpg[/wimg]Inspectah Deck's upcoming album The Movement will now be officially released on June 10th on I.N.S. Productions/Koch Entertainment/In The Paint. After his debut album Uncontrolled Substance he'll deliver once again. The Movement is going to be 18 tracks deep. Most of these tracks were produced by former UMC member, Hassan (also known as Phantom Of The Beats, he did Apollo Kids on Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele) and longtime QB producer Ayatollah. The Movement is chock full of rugged inspiration.

"This is where y'all gonna see me take a stand," explains Deck. "I'm gonna be on the front line taking shots like a Huey Newton Black panther type dude." As a child of the '70's Inspectah Deck is known to merge both the deep soul and righteous posturing of the decade's urban legend seamlessly with today's current events.

With the soulful Blaxpotation sounding "Stereotype," the funkdified Inspectah morphs into his latest alias, Manny Festo and commands respect through the weight of his character, not his bankroll. On the hard edged "U Wanna Be," Deck truly rocks the mic with a flagrant flow that perfectly compliments Phantom's up to the minute sonic stylings. Through lines like, "All the killers I know are either 6ft below or lost in the system doin' years in the hole" Deck shakes down the rap games mass produced studio thugs while informing the youngsters about the fundamental importance of paying dues.

Unlike Inspectah Deck's previous work with the Clan, The Movement allows the versatile MC to truly flex his skills. "When you're doing a Wu-Tang Album there's so many creative minds clashing that sometimes the best thought may not get acknowledged," relays Deck. "With my album, I'm behind the wheel of my own car. It's much easier for me to see where I'm going when I'm in control rather than having somebody else steering your life or your career for you."

Taking his independence one step further, Inspectah Deck has terminated his relationship with the now defunct Loud Records. Despite his former record company's inability to properly market and promote his '99 debut, Uncontrolled Substance, Deck still managed to go Gold and receive both critical and national acclaim. This time around he's taking his destiny into his own hands and releasing The Movement through his own company, I.N.S. Productions.

By challenging both conventional big business standards and popular hip-hop principals Inspectah Deck is poised to enrich the rap game with one his most thought provoking and lyrically cohesive works to date. The Movement is sure to give starving fans everywhere the substantial rap fill they've been looking for.

"This album is not anti-establishment, it's not anti-White man, it's anti-anything," confirms Deck. "I'm not trying to save the world; I'm just trying to save the music. The music I grew up with educated you. I'm trying to take it back to when you got respected on the weight of your thoughts and character and not your material possessions."

If you want to get a taste of what's coming to you then you should consider listening to the first two singles right here.

The Movement (first single)
Real Audio: Hi/Lo
Windows Media: Hi/Lo

City High (second single)
Real Audio: Hi/Lo
Windows Media: Hi/Lo

One of our visitors, Kane, went to one of the first shows on the GZA tour (See: [nburl=http://www.w00t.nl/index.php?p=news&id=234]GZA Tour & CD[/nburl]) in the United Kingdom. Masta Killa, Armel (from Ancient Coins) and Dreddy Kruger were also there. Kane was fortunate to hang out with Dreddy and Armel after the show. Apparently Dreddy said that the Royal Fam album should be out next year and Armel confirmed that the Ancient Coins album should also come out next year. However, first one to drop is GZA's son Justice with his debut album. All of this will be released on GZA's Liquid Swords Entertainment. Armel will be releasing his first single, I'm It, soon on Liquid Swords Entertainment/MCA Records. Like we reported a week ago, they are selling mix cd's on tour. Here's more information on them. The mix tapes are professionally printed, similar like the J-Love ones.

Armel - Exclusive ft. Sunz Of Man & Timbo King

01 : Freestyle @ BB Kings (Live GZA Tour)
02 : Freestyle (Tony Touch Cypher)
03 : I'm It
04 : Destroy The Scenery Pt. 2
05 : Sunz Of Man (Skit)
06 : Say what U want
07 : Don't You Know
08 : Don't Forget It
09 : High Price / Road To Riches
10 : She Like It
11 : Whatever She Said
12 : Come Through

GZA - Live

00 : Crowd Intro
01 : Reunited
02 : Publicity
03 : 4th Chamber
04 : Duel Of The Iron Mic
05 : Bring Da Ruckus
06 : Clan In Da Front
07 : Dreddy Kruger (Freestyle)
08 : Prodigal Sunn (Freestyle)
09 : Labels
10 : Liquid Swords
11 : Livin In The World Today
12 : Cold world
13 : Beneath The Surface
14 : Mic Trippin'
15 : String Play
16 : Hip Hop Fury
17 : Crash Ya Crew (Dedicated to Ol' Dirty Bastard)
18 : Breaker, Breaker
19 : Triumph
20 : Older Gods
21 : GZA (Freestyle)
22 : Gold
23 : Killah Hills 10304
24 : Breaker, Breaker (Remix) / Outro

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