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The freshest element: Bronze Nazareth - 2002-09-25 09:03:03

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One of our members had an interview with the brand new talent from the Wu-Tang production team, Bronze Nazareth.

In this interview Bronze Nazareth, who is originally from Michigan, revealed some interesting facts about him and how he got to be a Wu-Element. It was “way back in the day, I think it was '97 or '98, Cilvaringz first heard my stuff and I sent him stuff and he was digging it. So I asked him to ask if Wu-Tang was looking for any emcees or whatever. They really weren’t. I guess they were looking for producers, you know. Since then Cilvaringz showed me the path and everything. [He] helped me out with that. I just started hitting New York, standing around looking for Wu people and the Wu building. Finally I got in there and started working on Cilvaringz album. [We] went to 36 Chambers a couple of times, meeting more and more people. Then last May I was in there, and I was sitting in there and RZA walked in. GZA & Masta Killa came in and you know, I had done some stuff for the Division album and my beats were playing on there. RZA came in, he heard them, [he was] bobbin' his head and everything. I was feeling good, so I asked RZA for just five minutes to holler at him. He gave me those five minutes and he listened to some of my stuff and he (RZA) asked me to join the Elements.”

You can check out Bronze Nazareth’s production skills on the upcoming Ghostface Killah album. He’s working with Starks Enterprises and got around four beats on Ghost’s new album. He will also be working with Cilvaringz, Beretta 9, Hell Razah, among others.

Bronze Nazareth is also preparing his first solo album. Right now he has 4th Disciple on the production besides himself. The album will probably feature Hell Razah, Cilvaringz, Beretta 9 and Kevlaar 7, but he hopes there are going to be a few more by the time everything comes together.

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