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Catch Raekwon's upcoming album June the 24th on Ice Water, Inc/Universal Records. It's supposed to be called Ice Water.

To promote the Def Jam Vendetta video game (previously released on Playstation 2), Def Jam is sponsoring the Def Jam Vendetta Tour. Method Man, will host the show.

He described his tour duties in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles, where the New York-based rapper was working on his burgeoning acting career.

"Basically, I get to get drunk and make sure everybody else has a good time," he jokes. "But I'm no drinker, so drunk is definitely not an option for me. I'm getting old for this [expletive]."

"Busting your [butt] is not like busting your [butt] at a construction job," he says. "I get up, I take meetings, I go sit in the studio. I go to sets, sit around all day, memorize a couple of lines, go on, say my [expletive], get out of there, get paid. That is the life, man. Today I went and read for Dawn of the Dead,' a remake of the old movie.

"I also read for Walking Tall' starring The Rock. I just met with the executives at Disney. They love me. I think they see the work ethic. I've been working hard because there was a time when I couldn't even get in these buildings. The more accessible you become, the more eyes pop open and I like that guy.' "

What do they see in him that's popping their eyes open?

"It may sound cliche," Method Man says, "but I bring the street element and not exactly the gangsta street element. Just that kid you knew on the block. He wasn't exactly causing no troubles, but, you know, he was there. I'm bringing that realness of the urban area. They can't get it from somebody that's studied at Julliard."

As for Wu-Tang, Method Man says that's on indefinite hold, and he pulls no punches explaining why.

"If you're thinking everything you put out is going to taste like sugar, you're wrong, brother," he says. "You can't just sit around in between albums and not write. You can't just sit around between albums and not produce. 'Cause when you go back inside the studio, you're stale. And that's basically what was going on.

"Brothers were sitting there with nothing written. They were just coming in and singing 16 bars, no hook ... it's like, I did my part.' No, you didn't. You didn't make a song. All you did was spit a rhyme.

"Come on, man, you gotta step your game up. Our first album sounded like basement hip-hop so it was easy for us to make a bigger production on every album after that. We have the resources now. What was the problem? The problem was the artists not being artists."

He does, however, give a full endorsement to the acts on the Vendetta tour.

"No, I don't know them," he says. "I met Joe Budden once. Caddillac Tah is in jail. Keith Murray, he's my boy. Me and Keith been at it from like way back because we're both from Long Island so I know where he's coming from.

"All the other dudes, basically I'm supporting. I'm no hater. I support dudes. I want to see them do well for the team, know what I mean?"

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