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Method Man: Our last hit was C.R.E.A.M.! - 2003-06-07 16:34:35

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On a recent visit to Power 106 FM's Big Boy's Neighborhood, Method Man came by to talk about his work as a co-host with Jimmy Kimmel, take on Fuzzy with a PS2 challenge and spit info on the Wu-Tang Clan. Check out his candid comments about the groups future.

Big Boy: Method Man we want to thank you for coming in so early this morning and coming out to hang with us playa.

Method Man: I don't get no Powerhouse tickets?

Big Boy: Of course you do, you are in Powerhouse. I would love to see you grace the stage at Powerhouse. So what's the next project for Method Man? What's the next big thing we'lll see from Meth?

Method Man: Besides making babies? We're going to go in and do this next Method Man and Redman movie, the "Soul Plane" thing that we mentioned earlier, and ah my documentary which I directed will be out to, real soon.

Big Boy: Now what about a Wu-Tang album?

Method Man: The Wu-Tang album? Look man, give it to you all raw 'cause I'm tired of reading articles and stuff and my brothers are in their basically they only telling half of it but I'm going to give you the whole thang.

Ain't no Wu-Tang album going down unless everybody comes together as a group and stop coming together as these solo artists. Everybody, you know, basically, you know suckin' they self off. You know I'm saying. We gonna sit down and understand that this right here, "business" is definitely longer than "show" and there are so many young cats out there right now that's doing it, we can't do what they're doing man. When we came in we weren't doing what everyone else was doing man. We was always "us" and that's how I want to keep man. There won't be another Wu-Tang album unless brothers can get back to that right there man.

Cause I'm like the most loyal cat out the whole group man and I didn't like the way was going down on those last two albums. You had brothers walking in, dropping 16, than stepping off...you know what I mean. So it's like that right there, I look at that at the end of the day and damn we all getting pay the same amount? But I'm in here everyday grinding trying to make whole songs? I come in and drop a 16 and my next job is I'm trying to get a hook that everybody can rock with you know I mean? I'm not just coming in their like my jobs done now. You know, a lot of times my brothers was also thinking like, "We run this, we the truth. We're gonna be here after it's over with, this that and the other". Nah man because that right there blinds you to the facts to that look you're only as good as your last hit homey. Know what I'm saying? And our last hit was "C.R.E.A.M.".

Big Boy: Wow.

Method Man: For real! Actual fact! This coming from Meth, our last hit was "C.R.E.A.M." man. Think about it. Y'all think about it for real. Because when y'all play those joints on the radio and y'all go back to the old school Wu-Tang joints you may hear little Method Man, you may hear Triumph and stuff, but you always hear "C.R.E.A.M.". And that's what set it off for us right there because that was the street because people understood that. That's when our minds were still there in the grind man. Brothers started eating too good, you know? Their weight went up 15 to 20 pounds, you know what I'm saying? I'm saying, you're not holdin' the belt just because you say you're holding the belt. Let's put it that way man. And I love my crew man. They are some of the smartest brothers in this game, that's why it hurts so much to be in this position that we in right now man. It's like we've got fans fronting on us man. Six years ago, everybody was fighting for a Wu-Tang t-shirt, know what I mean? Now it's like we can't even walk up in half these venues. Yeah...everybody's so quick to count you out brother, when you're down and out, they're so quick to count to out, but when you're back on top again, which I'm going to bring us "All, back on top again", y'all can just kiss our asses.

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