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Representing Sunz Of Man: Hell Razah - 2002-10-03 09:14:40

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[wimg=left]../images/news/02_10_03_razah.jpg[/wimg]Hell Razah is preparing his first official solo album called And The World Became Flesh. He isn’t signed to a label at this time yet. “I'm in like the second quarter maybe. I don't really need much shit done. I'd rather hand in somebody a complete album and then we sit there and negotiate from there.”

He is also working on another album which carries the name Ghetto Government. Hell Razah will try to bring this album out independently.

Hell Razah also revealed bits of info about the third Sunz Of Man LP they are working on. “We are going to take it back when we were crazy underground. You know, the shit we were talking about. It was crazy. Nobody ever heard someone spit like us. We are going back there now. We are going back to Five Arch Angels type of shit for a minute.”

The single for that album would probably be Five Arch Angels Pt. 2 with Killah Priest and Shabazz The Disciple as he told us.

Killah Priest is still with the Sunz Of Man, but “Priest is a Sun Of Man on his own. He can’t leave. That's like me, when I do a Hell Razah album. Hell Razah is a Sun Of Man by himself. And at the same time I'm a Sun Of Man with the group.”

There are also a lot of unreleased Sunz Of Man tracks recorded when they were working on “The Last Shall Be First”, their debut album. “First we did tracks but they were unreleased, you know. We had to take them off because they were too deep for the album. We was talking about this twin tower shit happening and all that before that shit was even happening and that was like in '93/'94. We had to fall back on certain records because it was too much.”

The unreleased tracks will appear “here and there. You might see one on my album or on any other album we are working on. Also we are putting together a site right now, that's www.sunz.org, and we are going to release some things on there too.”

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