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[wimg=left]../images/news/mixtapesaturday.gif[/wimg]Sorry for the delay but we’re back with volume 2 of Mixtape Saturday. We skipped last week because nothing dropped that week as far as Wu is concerned on the mix tapes. This week DJ Kay Slay released a mixtape with new and old Ghostface joints only. Most of them we heard already but it also contained an exclusive freestyle by Ghostface and the rest of the Theodore Unit.

Also this week, we finally hear some new music from Ol’ Dirty Bastard again. A small but strong song named Lift Up Ya Skirt and a freestyle too.

Last time I said you could review the new songs discussed on Mixtape Saturday, and some of you did! Thanks for your reviews, you can check some of them out below. If you want to review one of the tracks uploaded today all you have to do is email to [email]mixtapesaturday@wutangcorp.com[/email]

As of now, you can find these tracks on our [nburl=http://www.wutangcorp.com/clan/music/]music page[/nburl]:
Ghostface Killah - Freestyle (Mixtape) ft. Theodore Unit
Ghostface Killah - Tony’s Money
Ashanti - Wake Up (Mixtape) ft. Solomon Childs & Ghostface Killah
112 - Hot & Wet (Remix) ft. Ghostface Killah
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Lift Up Ya Skirt (Mixtape)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Freestyle (Mixtape)

Reviews from volume 1:

RZA - I’m Back (Produced by J-Love)

[quote="Tero"]Banger. Nice, peaceful beat, and lyrics are pretty good.[/quote]

[quote="Luis Ampuero"]Nice and grimy. I like that coocoo nest rhyme...2nd verse is sick. It starts off ill. The flow on this verse is hot..."y'all jump like mexican beans...". The beat grows on ya...very relaxing yet hard.[/quote]

Raekwon - Marvin (Snippet)

[quote="PizzaP4203"]This is a straight up classic on par w/ Ghost's Holla, I hope this track makes the album or is at least a bonus track[/quote]

[quote="Luis Ampuero"]Production here is much better than the previous Rae joints.Nice and soulful...I'm digging it.[/quote]

Masta Killa - Scram (Freestyle)

[quote="Kristian Oftedal"]Scram/Throwback is dope as hell. That beat rocks and masta killah roxxx.[/quote]

[quote="Tero"]Beat is not so good, but lyrics are. Masta Killa is the greatest.[/quote]

RZA ft. Freemurder - Never (Produced by J-Love)

[quote="PizzaP4203"]If this track was recorded at the same time as BOAP then someone made a mistake in leaving it off. This should have been the first single instead of We Pop[/quote]

[quote="Tero"]Beat is banger! Rza spits nice lyrics, but Freemurder owns![/quote]

[quote="Luis Ampuero"]Hmmm...phat piano loop...I love piano loops... haunting feeling to it. Oh...I don't like Division cats at all. I much rather hear Killarm or Sunz cats...The chorus is catchy.[/quote]

Raekwon - Who Would Have Thought

[quote="PizzaP4203"]Rae can reclaim his throne as King Of New York w/ tracks like this. He spits a sick verse over a mellow Jazz beat who have thought, I know I didn't[/quote]

Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Method Man - Ice Cream Pt. 2

[quote="PizzaP4203"]defiantly no where near the original but its a decent track. Rae & Meth drop good verses as well as Capp even though his voice sounds grimy as hell. the beat is not what the Wu is known for but it could have been worse[/quote]


[quote="Luis Ampuero"]Awful production. Doesn't compare to the original.
Rza or 4th disciple, please save Rae...Method is nice and Cappa comes alright too. This gets a point for that.[/quote]

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