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Raekwon may have been out of sight, but not out of the minds of his fans who are eagerly anticipating his third LP, The Lex Diamond Story. In his unique way, Rae breaks down how he's reinvented himself, dealing with "corporate motherfuckers" at Universal and working with television's first son, Randy Spelling.

"I'm blessed that Universal even gave me that opportunity to get my music out there like that. But Loud to me it was more fun. I felt more at home," Rae told SOHH.com while comparing his former home, Loud Records to his new spot on the Universal Music Group roster. "It's like this shit up here is too much suit and tie shit going on. Too much corporate motherfuckers dictating. Back then, it was all about the artist. You had the dictation, but you didn't have it the way you have it now. But for the most part, I can't be mad at somebody who helps me put food on the table."

Hip-Hop has long been known to forget its veterans. These days, even crafting a classic is no guarantee. While getting accommodated to a new home, Rae must also familiarize himself with a younger wave of rap consumers.

"There's a new generation now so I have to cultivate myself to being the teacher again and doing a lot of this shit that I wouldn't normally try to do right now," Rae said via phone. "I'm so advanced right now, I feel like Cuban Linx is nothing to me right now. I feel like that was then, this is now. I'm totally bigger right now. I'm just hoping that everybody could understand the world. The ones that know me. You can't please everybody."

In XXL Magazine last year, Raekwon announced he had formed Ice Water Records with actor Randy Spelling, Aaron Spelling's son and Tori's younger brother. While many where confused by the move, Rae admits their business relationship is not as 'close' as it should be.

"It's getting better but...they say sometimes you got to see motherfuckers all the time to really know him, I don't see him all the time. He's an actor too. He's been doing his shit so basically we do a lot of phones calls or whatever, but it ain't on yet," Rae revealed. " Because we do business together, we need to be close like that, but we're not that close like that so therefore business is still business. You could like a person, but you don't have to love that person. I mean love comes from within when you next to that nigga and it's not there yet, I'm not taking anything from his work ethic."

After appearing in 2000's "Black And White," the Shaolin emcee is now getting ready to film "Coalition," an independent flick that gives insight into the politics of construction companies. And speaking of companies, it still remains a mystery why Rae hasn't signed some of his independent Wu brethren to his Ice Water imprint.

"See one thing about my dudes, they would never sign to me. It's almost like being my son and it ain't even like that. But egos really, really clash and my whole thing is that dudes is doing what they like to do and what they want to do, so my whole thing is to build a bridge," Rae offered. "If I can make a bridge on my own and help a dude, I would let it be known like that, but I cannot make myself tell a dude what to do because he's set in his own ways. Them guys got plans. For the most part, I just wish niggas well."

And fans of RZA's signature production should not be looking for contributions on this new album, not because of beef, but minor technicalities.

"RZA had did three tracks on the album. He couldn't find the reel to one of them. One of them didn't make it and the other two, I just couldn't get cleared because of sample purposes," Rae revealed.

The Lex Diamond Story is in stores December 16th.

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