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Round & Round with Bronze Nazareth - 2002-10-04 09:16:31

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[wimg=left]../images/news/02_10_04_bronze.jpg[/wimg]We sat down with Bronze Nazareth for an interview. Not just a regular interview but one that’s actually interesting! Not only did we ask about his upcoming album but also about some of his preferences. “ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Gotta have a fat ass!! Titties is cool, I don’t mind little ones, so ass definitely.”

Also we asked about what was happening in his childhood. He “never really got caught for the dirt I'd do in high school, but when I was young tho like elementary years, I was BAD, fights all the time, detention, no recess, throwing ice balls at other kids, kissing girls in the field, probably not a nuisance but kinda bad.”

But we also asked serious questions and we got some informative answers back of course. “I think Beretta 9 once said my specialty is pain, I would definitely agree with him on that. A lot of shit hits me in the heart with my music and then I got grimy shit, that shit that makes you scowl ya face up and wanna break shit. So I guess I bring an emotional feel with my shit.” He describes his music as “Reaction Music.”

It’s time for you to hear his music right now. We have an exclusive Bronze Nazareth sampler thrown together by Bronze for Wu-Tang Dynasty. On the sampler are 5 cuts. These tracks are (in order): Chambers Of Four, 4 Strokes Of Bronze Fist, Calm Sword, Fragments Of Man and the fifth is still untitled..

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