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As promised a few days ago, we have an exclusive world premier right here, it’s Justice’s debut single Killa Hills 10304 2004. Although it’s a small snippet it’s long enough to show his skills on the microphone. Justice can also be heard on GZA’s third album, Legend Of A Liquid Sword, on the intro.

Soon you’ll be able to buy this song because it’ll end up on GZA’s upcoming mix album. This CD will be for sale at hiphopsite.com and sandboxautomatic.com. So if you want to hear the whole song with the hook and everything you will have to buy it from those two websites. It’s not sure when this mix album will hit these stores, but it’ll probably be in two weeks from today.

For now you can peep this snippet and download it at GZA’s [nburl=http://www.wutangcorp.com/clan/gzagenius/music/]music page[/nburl].

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