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Ghostface Talks Mixtapes: The Good and The Bad - 2004-02-25 05:55:07

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With three critically acclaimed albums underneath his robe belt, and a new album on the way, Ghostface Killah isn’t the likeliest candidate to appear on a mixtape.

But the Shaolin rhyme slinger supports the latest mixtape movement, which often leads to many new rappers signing record deals without submitting a demo.

"Mixtapes are good," he told AllHipHop.com. "You get a chance to be heard and get you voice out there, especially for n*ggas that got no deals and go through what they going through.

"And a mixtape n*gga might spin your sh*t and you get hot through that."

Though Ghostface is an adherent of mixtapes, he also acknowledges the drawbacks created by them.

"It has its ups and downs," he said. "It’s f*cked up when you got to drop 20 f*cking mixtapes just to get hot."

In regards to established rappers such as himself, who often leak tracks to mixtapes from forthcoming albums rather than freestyle, Ghostface is begrudged by DJs who make money off of rappers and still want more from them.

"You got n*ggas making money off your sh*t which they ain’t even toss up a dollar," he said. "Then want to front on you when you don’t give them a drop. Don’t come over here cause a n*gga ain’t give you a freestyle."

Ghostface’s latest single "Run," from his forthcoming album Pretty Toney, has appeared on several mixtapes and the video has recently begun airing on television.

The official first single from his album, however, will be the Missy Elliot-assisted "Tush," for which the rapper is expected to shoot a video for soon.

Ghostface’s album, his first since signing with Def Jam Records, is scheduled to arrive in stores on April 6.

Written by Jayson Rodriguez for www.allhiphop.com

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